Hand Signal Chart

Comfort Stop

Comfort Stop:
Arm Straight Up.
Fist Clenched.
Move Arm Up & Down.

Coffee Stop

Coffee Stop:
Fingers Clenched.
Thumb to Mouth.
Also used to
Signal Food Stop.

Come Alongside

Come Alongside:
Arm & Index Finger
Extended 45°.
Swing Arm from
Back to Front.

Gas Stop

Gas Stop:
Arm Out to Side
& Bent 45° Downward.
First Finger
Pointing to Gas Tank.

Follow Me

Follow Me:
Arm Extended
Straight Up
from Shoulder.
Palm Forward.
Swing Forearm from
Back to Front.

Double File

Double File:
Arm & First & Last Finger
or First & Second Fingers
Extended Straight Up.

Pull Off

Pull Off:
Arm Positioned as for
a Right Turn.
Forearm Swinging
Towards Your Shoulder.

Single File

Single File:
Arm & First Finger
Extended Straight Up,
or Fingers in a Line
Front to Back.


Hazard in Road:
Point Immediately
at Hazard with

Slow Down

Slow Down
Arm & Four Fingers
Extended with Palm Down.
Use Up and Down
Motion from 45°.


Pat Top of Helmet
with Open Palm.

You Lead/Pass

You Lead/Pass
Arm Extended Down 45°.
Palm Forward.
Use Swinging Motion with
Arm from Back to Front.

Turn Signal

Turn Signal
Arm Extended as
for Right Turn.
Open and Close Hand
with Fingers
& Thumb Extended.


Arm Extended Down
with Hand Open
and Palm Back.

Speed Up

Speed Up
Arm Extended Down.
Use Twisting Motion
with Clenched Fist.

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