Member Spotlight Archives: Becky Thornton

Name: "Becky Sue" (my daddy gave me that name)

Nickname: Don't have one.

Age: 45

Occupation: RN/Licensed Massage Therapist

Hobbies/Other interests: I love my work......I live with two of my three daughters and the cats who run our lives(Scout and Boo Radley)....I love Russian Ballet, 19th Century French Art, classic Rock N Roll, fishing, drinking coffee, eating french fries, and pondering the meaning of life while I paint something or rearrange my furniture...

Type of Ride: That would be "little Joe" my Honda Shadow of course.

Dream ride: I am shopping for the perfect "Big Joe"....any suggestions?????

How long have you been riding?: About three years now...

Miles ridden this year: 5K...

What do you like about riding?: In the last three years I have learned that:

  • where I look there I will go(especially where mud puddles are concerned),
  • ice cream is a basic food group and a good reason for a hundred mile ride,
  • bugs taste bad and butterflies hurt, pig poop really stinks as do most dead animals on the road,
  • pot holes come from the gremlins that fall out of those little bells you can't buy for yourself,
  • there are some really interesting people under freeway bridges during thunderstorms,
  • there are many interesting ways to wear leather,
  • gas and motor oil smell better than Chanel,
  • that stupid people in SUV's are intimidated by women on motorcycles hollering at them,
  • just as each ride is a unique adventure so is each day,
  • beware of strange men outside restaurant windows,
  • and that truly bad hair is the sign of a good days ride...

Why did you join SCRC?: Well.....after I mastered parking lot riding and ventured to Pittsboro for Snicker bars enough times I felt the need to have companions on the road....I asked around and went visiting clubs....A friend suggested the Greater Raleigh group....and much to my surprise there was Frankie on the web page....he gave y'all a good reference.....

What does SCRC mean to you?: I rediscovered an old friend and have found new friends to share riding with and some giggles...and ice cream.....thanks y'all.

Rides I like the most: The ones WITHOUT snakes!...

Dream trip: I have a dream... (okay not original)... after a three thousand mile trip across country to Seattle I will take the ferry back to Vancouver Island and spend a couple weeks riding the entire island and drinking Canadian coffee... then another route home... should take a month or more...

Favorite Quote: "Those that mind don't matter, and those that matter don't mind."

Anything else you'd like to say?: A good laugh costs nothing, is highly contagious, and makes my heart happy...thanks for the giggles!

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