Member Spotlight Archives: Carr Wortham

Name: Carr Wortham

Nickname: Carr

Age: 49

Occupation: Self-employed

Hobbies/Other interests: Golf/Baseball/Beach

Type of Ride: 1999 Harley Fatboy

Dream ride: 2007 Screaming Eagle Fatboy - One Day

How long have you been riding?: Started in high school on at Yamaha DT 250. Just started back after a 10+ year layoff.

Average Miles a Year: Ask me in a year!

What do you like about riding?: The freedom and I can't hear my cell phone ring.

Why did you join the SCRC?: Was looking for a group that loved to ride as much as I do. Plus I played baseball with Roy "Wrongway" Parker.

What does SCRC mean to you?: Just a great group of people who don't care what you ride as long as you ride.

Rides I like the most: The next one.

Dream trip: I'm doing it in Sept. Taking 3 weeks and riding cross country. Going up through WVa and over to Detroit/Chicago/Milwaukee and take tour and then through the black hills of South Dakota. Then end up in San Diego. Can't wait.

Favorite Quote: "Watch whose toes you step on today because they may be attached to the butt you have to kiss tomorrow."

Anything else you'd like to say?: See everyone on the next ride.

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