Member Spotlight: Cindy Hodges 2012

Cindy Hodges


Cindy (Cynthia) Howell Hodges






Customer Service/United States Power Squadrons

Hobbies/Other interests:

33 years in the motorcyclists rights movement. Serving in North Carolina with Concerned Bikers Association/ABATE of NC as a member, chapter legislative coordinator, chapter secretary, state secretary, state legislative director, director emeritus. Serving 11 years on the board of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, a national organization formed by state motorcycle organizations to watchdog, monitor, and move federal regulatory and legislative actions. Writing articles for years for various motorcycle publications. Two years ago was awarded the highest national writing award for the rights movement, the Thomas Paine award. Also awarded a Lifetime Achievement award from CBA/ABATE of NC. Also serve the MRF and CBA/ABATE of NC as state representative for the MRF. Reviving an interest in pursuing artistic endeavors with drawing and stained glass. Gardening, reading, and traveling our nation via motorcycle are of great interest to me and when not doing that, sleeping in a hammock outside will do just fine!

Type of Ride:

Currently riding a 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic LT. I have added crash bars, different bags, and a batwing fairing. I also still ride a 1995 Honda VLX 600, and hold the title to my husband's bike <hugegrin>. My previous rides were a 1976 Harley Davidson Superglide and a 1978 Harley Davidson FLH.

Dream ride:

Only one? Seriously? I dream of a huge garage full of motorcycles of all sort, all ages, and a handful of muscle cars, with a sport touring convertible something or other thrown in.

How long have you been riding?:

I am not sure. Do we count dirt bikes? I rode for about 4 years off and on between the ages of 9 and 13. Then a handful of years off and on between bikes prior to moving to Raleigh, add in the last um... 7 years, I guess for a total of around 14 years or so.

Average Miles a Year:

Due to my health, it varies greatly, somewhere between 4000 and 12000 miles. That is improving!!!

What do you like about riding?:

Everything other than having to buy new tires!!! Oh and not a fan of hauling on all that winter gear ;-(

Why did you join the SCRC?:

I was dating someone who was a member.

What does SCRC mean to you?:

For me it has been a way to make friends in my area. I have no means of interacting with folks if they are not involved in the motorcyclists rights movement or motorcycling in some fashion. Which is kind of sad and I hope to fix that. With no children, riding and riding issues pretty much consume my "free" time, ergo, all my friends in the Raleigh area I met due to motorcycles! I mostly grew up in the Charlotte area and I really miss my friends there. If not for my SCRC family, I'd be fairly lost and lonely here, even after 10+ years! So thank you, SCRC!!!

Rides I like the most:

Probably shouldn't say this to an organization that is all about group riding but my favorite thing is to ride alone. Just get on the bike, and go. For days. And I do this. It sings to me and I love that song!

Dream trip:

Four or five months and pockets full of money to travel the country willy nilly.

Favorite Quote:

Well it has been attributed to several folks so I do not know who first coined the phrase but loosely translated: "Pay attention. The world is run by those who show up".

Anything else you'd like to say?:

I believe motorcycling is many things to many people. One of my biggest wishes is that folks would leave their prejudices towards other bikers, behind them. We are all, on two wheels, no matter our skin color, religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation. No matter what we ride or whether we are a go to the bar, ride around home in sunny weather, ride for 6 hours, ride for days on end, ride the back roads or burn the slab type of rider… the laws that affect one of us affects all of us. We need to work together to ensure that we can continue to ride as we want, what we want, where we want. I wish more riders realized how much work a small portion of motorcyclists do for all riders, and would help, even if it only means throwing money at the effort. Because it DOES cost money. Trips to DC, to state capitols, office expenses to keep doors open. God forbid we need an organization's skills and expertise and they are no more because of lack of membership. Thinking it won't happen or cannot have an effect on you is rash, and incorrect. There are so many things that have been averted in the past 30 years that most of us have no idea about, like we can still ride on Interstates. We cannot have our health care benefits yanked away simply because we ride, and other things. The AMA is great and I support them and work with their officers but the AMA is not focused simply on street riding issues. Please support your local ABATE, which in North Carolina is and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation

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