Member Spotlight Archives: Cindy Holliman

Name: Cindy Holliman

Nickname: Hmmm... now let's see... I have been called many things, but I will withhold a few. My SCRC given name has been "Boop", as a toddler (and to some old family members, still today) I was "Shag Nasty" (that came from playing in the coal pile), but then my personal favorite for the past 18 years has been "Mom".

Age: What?....geezzzz....ok. 43. There are you happy, now???

Occupation: "Shipper" for Aloette Cosmetics

Hobbies/Other interests: Quilting is a passion, when I have time to sew these days... I will do more of that in the winter when the weather is too bad for a ride. I also enjoy singing and sitting in a rocker on the front porch overlooking a Mountain View!!!

Type of Ride: Yamaha V-Star 650 Classic the "Purple Passion"

Dream ride: Hmmmm... I haven't really been looking at many other bikes, so I don't know what that would be really. Except for my white Fat Boy... which I have already had for the past 25 years. (Sam)

How long have you been riding?: 3 years

Miles ridden this year: I guess it is 5,000. I know... "pitiful" I just rolled over to 15,000.

What do you like about riding?: kids in the back seat saying "Mommy, when are we going to get there?" Oh wait...that was Sam!! I enjoy the time you have to think, to look, and to experience a feeling that you just can't experience in a car. Although it was a challenge, I really enjoyed the experience I had once riding in the rain and fog on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It's just something you won't experience in the same way if you are in a car. And not something I would want to experience often. Same thing for riding on the winding roads of the country on a summer day.....and Oh the smells you smell!!!! I guess there are lots of things I enjoy about riding. Like the people you meet on bikes and those you meet who are just interested.

Why did you join SCRC?: Uhhh....because, Sam did??

What does SCRC mean to you?: It means a group of people who enjoy riding and enjoy sharing the stories, experience, knowledge and advice with other fellow riders. I know I can always find someone who is willing to go for a ride or willing to help me become a better and safer rider. It means a fountain of knowledge and friendship. Rides I like the most:

Rides I like the most: Easy going in the countryside! No hurry and going nowhere in particular.

Dream trip: That would be to get up and pack just the bare necessities....ok maybe a little blush and some mascara.....and just take off in any direction. Stopping when I get tired or see something interesting. Having no particular schedule or destination....(this would push my comfort level, which is why it is a dream!) and returning only when I begin to miss home....heck, I might make it all the way to Burlington!!!
But another dream trip would be out West where the roads go on and on for days, flat with nothing but the distant mountains in view.

Favorite Quote: It would have to be one that Sam's father has repeated on occasion, and I am not sure if he was quoting someone else, or if it came from his own wealth of wisdom. But he would say: "About 90 percent of the people you run into will think you are a fool before you even speak, so just don't open your mouth and prove them right!"

Anything else you'd like to say?: It has been my great pleasure to ride among each of you and I learn from you every ride I go on. I look forward to going on more rides and creating more stories to tell. I am still in awe of the diversity of people in this group, brought together by their one common interest.....motorcycling. (Uh..and...eating!!) I also know that if I ever really need help, I know exactly where I can go to find it.

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