Member Spotlight Archives: Dana Fox

Name: Dana Fox

Nickname: I don't really have one, and I don't know the ones y'all call me behind my back :-D

Age: 51

Occupation: Mad Microscopist - (that's one who works with microscopes for you intellikual folk)

Hobbies/Other interests: Classic vehicles, pre 1972. Currently trying to restore a turquoise 1960 Ford F-100, but with a light cash flow, I can see this will take me some time to complete.

Type of Ride: 1999 Yamaha Roadstar Silverado in Forest Green/Titanium

Dream ride: You mean without legs?

How long have you been riding?: Since June of 2001. Bought my bike with 3600 miles on it and it now reads 78,000.

Average Miles a Year: Approximately 18,000

What do you like about riding?: Lots to like: the feeling of freedom, exposure to the elements (not the periodic table type), the people I meet, laugh and ride with, the smells I encounter along the way...except for the time I got behind that poultry truck on I-40.....WHEW!

Why did you join the SCRC?: I wanted to meet other people that rode. When I started riding I wanted to experience it all (making up for lost time I guess) and rode through the winters and the rain. Group riding was an interest as well, and not being a hardcore kinda dude who needed lots of rules and guidelines like the M/C's, the SCRC offered me the chance to ride with others without all that silly stuff.

What does SCRC mean to you?: With little free time on my hands between work and homelife, I find that I don't have many friends to chat with, go visit or do things with. SCRC provides me the friends that accept me for who I am without question. SCRC provides me the opportunity to go places and to chat with friends on-line in a forum or should I choose to do so, on the phone. I belong to other groups involving bikes and classic trucks, but it's mostly all on the computer so SCRC provides me the faces that I can truly call my friends. I know this Chapter will stand behind me if I ever have a need.

Rides I like the most: Those on the bike.

Dream trip: I've two. I want to ride out West to the Rockies and tool around Utah, Nevada, etc. I also want to ride up to Nova Scotia and PEI.

Favorite Quote: There have been lots of good ones that have crossed my path, unfortunately I'm old and can't remember any of them!

Anything else you'd like to say?: I've enjoyed being a member of this group even though I don't get to participate as much as I would like to. I appreciate all the friendships I've made and the laughs I've had with you. Thanks for putting up with me.

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