Member Spotlight Archives: Denise Duncan

Name: Denise Duncan

Nickname: Tim calls me his bride still ... recently dubbed 'Webmonster'

Age: 41

Occupation: Looking for one that pays… hmm… how about pre-occupation? (I want to be a writer)

Hobbies/Other interests: Building websites for smiles, writing, snow skiing, massaging Tim, spending time with my family.

Type of Ride: Going by the name of Li'l Rocky (aka Rocket J. Squirrel, Jr), a 2003 Honda Shadow 1100 Spirit with Hard Chrome straight pipes! (Woo-hoooo!) We're flyin' now!

Dream ride: V-Rod!

How long have you been riding?: About 3 years altogether

Average Miles a Year: Hey, it's February... maybe 200? About 7000/year average, but me Li'l Rocky are planning to up that number significantly.

What do you like about riding?: The freedom from cares, the wind and sun, the laughing and hugs, the formation, and the absolute thrill of the throttle and loud pipes! (YES!) Plus, it’s something wonderful that my honey and I can do together. I like the food, too.

Why did you join SCRC?: Because you people make awesome friends! Aw heck… You people make an awesome family! I love the way everyone takes care of each other. I think that’s special.

What does SCRC mean to you?: Friendships mostly. Safety of group riding. Sharing the thrill and adventure of whatever is next.

Rides I like the most: Any winding country roads without potholes and debris, Blue Ridge Parkway, and the New England Tour summer of 2003!!!

Dream trip: Heaven. I’d like to do the outer banks, too. Riding out west sounds wonderful. Do you think they could build a bridge to Paris? What about Australia? Maybe I just like to dream. How about Niagara Falls? Wouldn't that be awesome!

Favorite Quote: "Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest." - Mark Twain

Anything else you'd like to say?: Thank you all for being who you are. Thanks for making me laugh. Special thanks to our fearless leader and the ride captains for all you do to make every ride safe and comfortable. Ride safe. I love you all!!!

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