Member Spotlight Archives: Hala Peniazek

Name: Hala Peniazek

Nickname: I've had a few nicknames. The one that stuck with me the longest was "Bones". Nice huh? Was created by my first husband... back then I was  a bone rack.  Haven't been called that in a long, long, long time. I'm sure the bones are still there....somewhere! My Mom and some of my other family members call me Hali! I HAD IT FIRST!!!

Age: 52

Occupation: I'm a Realtor... Anyone need a gr... :) Next...

Hobbies/Other interests: Love to ride horses, love fast boats (used to water ski a lot)... I like to make things and be creative. I love being with my kids (1 daughter and 2 sons) and my 2 Grand-daughters!!!!!(and my Pug of course!)

Type of Ride: I recently got a Honda 96, Pacific Coast 800... after riding my 250 Nighthawk since 1991, my PC is my dream bike!

How long have you been riding?: I started riding when I was about 12. Skipped a few years cause of having kids (occasional trips to the supermarket). I started riding a lot more this past summer since I got my PC and I have an empty nest :(. I plan to put a lot of miles on from now on.

What do you like about riding?: Riding clears my brain out. (No comments please). It really lets me breath. Love to feel the sun and the breeze. Takes me out of reality and reminds me how beautiful the world can be.

Why did you join the SCRC?: I joined SCRC because I like good people and socializing with people who understand how amazing riding is. SCRC excepts whoever you are, where you're from and whatever you ride! I'm still kinda new to the group, but it's obvious that the members care about each other and always help each other when help is needed.

Rides I like the most: So far my favorite rides are day rides at a nice steady pace, that lets me enjoy the scenery etc... but I dream of a long trip to see all the beautiful places in our country. Traveling with good friends that I trust and who aren't in a hurry. Camping (with bathrooms and showers, of course) and sitting around the camp fire roasting marshmallows just chillin' with my friends.

Dream trip: SORRY...I got carried away!

Favorite Quote: ... my favorite quote is from a song by Jewel'... "In the end only kindness matters".

Anything else you'd like to say?: Ever since I can remember whenever I get on my bike, the song from the old movie "Along Came Bronson" gets stuck in my head. "Goin' down that long lonesome highway. Going to live my life my way". Somebody has to know that song right? You know, think it's Peter Fonda riding a Harley... Thank goodness my new bike has a radio cause now I don't have to sing that same verse over and over!!!! (the only words I ever knew).

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