Member Spotlight Archives: Linda StClair

Name: Linda StClair

Nickname: None that I'm called to my face.

Age: Getting older every day but not as old as David.

Occupation: High School Driver's Ed Teacher

Hobbies/Other interests: Spending time with friends, cooking

Type of Ride: Behind my husband

Dream ride: Behind my husband more often

How long have you been riding?: Since 1974 when I rode my own

Average Miles a Year: 8,000 - 9,000 according to my husband

What do you like about riding?: I can think, sing, pray, dream, plan, plot or sleep without interruption. I don't have to think abut driving, just enjoy the ride. You meet the best people while riding and see the most interesting stuff and experience awesome aspects of life.

Why did you join SCRC?: To ride and to meet people that like to ride in hopes of finding friends with mutual interests and riding tastes.

What does SCRC mean to you?: An easy going bunch of folks who have at least one thing in common.

Rides you like the most: Vacations where we go somewhere new and explore the place. Rides to the beach to eat seafood. Rolling Thunder each May.

Dream trip: Ride to the end of the Florida Keys, stopping and enjoying the entire trip. Load the bike on a cruise ship and sail for several days at sea to an island I have not been before, like Jamaica or Virgin Islands. Ride off the ship and tour the island at a leisurely pace while staying in fantasy island huts with perfect weather and wonderful food and lots of Caribbean music. Setting sail on the ship again and porting in Charleston, SC. Spending a few days there before riding home.If any of you can take the three weeks off this trip would take, let us know and we'll start saving!

Favorite Quote: "Wherever you are, be all there."

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