Member Spotlight Archives: Mark Kot

Name: Mark Kot

Nickname: With a 3 letter last name that rhymed with "caught" I never needed another name. Unfortunately I earned it.

Age: 43

Occupation: General Manager

Hobbies/Other interests: Beyond my beloved Ms. Meanie, wood and metal working, Sporting Clays, hunting, any type of fishing and just making something from nothing.

Type of Ride: 2002 Kawasaki Vulcan Mean Streak... personalized.

Dream ride: I'm on it. I'm sure someday a Nomad is in my future but I love the ride on my current bike. With a BMW 1150 or 1200 GS in my garage I could do my dream ride from Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego but I am loving the rides we do.

How long have you been riding?: My first ride was my dad's Z50 zooming up and down the driveway and around the yard at 8 years old. I've never spent a year off a bike since and have done Motocross, Trials riding and Dual Bikes but Ms.Meanie is my biggest ride yet and I love it.

Average Miles a Year: Meanie and I did about 10K last year, the dual sport and I were averaging about 9K a year before that. Seems like a great idea now that gas is triple from when I bought my truck.

What do you like about riding?: The feel of the open road, the independence it offers, the feel of a bike on the road and to be honest the roar of my pipes.

Why did you join SCRC?: I was looking for a group of people that just loved to ride and I found it (oh yeah I like the eating part too...)

What does SCRC mean to you?: I have found a group of friends that automatically understand each other, accept each other and appreciate each other. It's all about the trip, not the bike, gear or what you do M-F. It's a unique and special group.

Rides I like the most: In NC there is not one single ride that says "I am the best". We have the mountains, oceans, lakes and every twisty we can find. Frank and some of the other leaders have definitely shown me some new roads I hadn't found and to me finding new ways to get to an old spot must rank amongst those rides I like the most. Of course new restaurants are a huge plus....:-)

Dream trip: Some day I'll ride from Prudoe Bay Alaska to Tierra De Fuego and I'll have done it.

Favorite Quote: "You can never have a better past", "Learn from yesterday, plan for tomorrow but LIVE for today", and of course as my girls always remind me "It's all my fault" now what are you going to do????

Anything else you'd like to say?: This is a great volunteer group, we just need to remember that and help each other to have fun on our rides.

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