Member Spotlight Archives: Mike Danckert

Name: Mike Danckert

Nickname: Unofficially "Mad Dog" from a former project manager that I worked for.

Age: 48

Occupation: Software developer wanting to retire and start a new career doing something I enjoy

Hobbies/Other interests: Photography and Woodworking are my hobbies. Digital photography has re-ignited my love of photography.

Type of Ride: Sport Touring Cruiser? 2006 Triumph Sprint ST ABS, 2002 Honda Goldwing AKA Marjie's Bike or "The Family Bike"

Dream ride: If you can believe it, a custom built Harley! I made a rocking horse for my niece when she was a couple years old. When my brother had a son, I decided to try a new challenge, a Rocking Harley. It took quite a while to build it and cost more to ship it to California than the materials to make it. What makes it a dream ride is that my nephew really used it and my brother sent me an email months later saying that he thought that I would like to know that my nephew Joey still hugged the Harley and said "I love you motorcycle." I could never top that.

How long have you been riding?: 2.5 years

Average Miles a Year: 7-10,000

What do you like about riding?: I like the freedom, the feel of control over my own destiny, the SCRC group rides, and the friends that I've made since I started riding.

Why did you join the SCRC?: I work with Charla Parker and when she heard that I was thinking about learning to ride, she kept reminding me about the club. When I was starting to look for a beginner bike, she put me in touch with Rick Carnagey because he rode the type of bike that I was interested in. Rick made several trips to look at used bikes with me. I appreciated that help and from that point on, I knew that the SCRC was going to be a great group of people to be associated with.

What does SCRC mean to you?: A group of great people who accept you for who you are and don't care what you ride. I've made some great friends in the Greater Raleigh chapter and cannot thing of a better group of people to be associated with. I also like the fact that safety is a primary concern for club rides. I don't want to end up a statistic so this is very important to me.

Rides I like the most: Franks day ride to Peaks of Otter for brunch and back, Chasing Mark Kot on the Tour de Kot, all Frank rides, and any ride that ends up with a gracious stay at Oak Mountain! Roy's "Ben &Jerry's" ride to Vermont was incredible. I enjoyed that ride so much.

Dream trip: I hope to be able to do a cross country ride some day to see the country from a different perspective... on 2 wheels!

Favorite Quote: "If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." - Henry David Thoreau

Anything else you'd like to say?: Getting involved with the Greater Raleigh SCRC Chapter has been one of the best things that I've ever done. I've made more friends and had more fun in the last couple years than I have in a very long time. Thank you my friends! Let's Ride!!

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