Member Spotlight Archives: Todd Bellingrath

Name: Todd Bellingrath

Nickname: "Farmer Todd", or because of two Halloween’s ago (that's two years ago on Halloween) "Funny Man".

Age: 40

Occupation: Owner/operator Good Faith Paint Co.

Hobbies/Other interests: Artistic painting(acrylics), woodworking, harmonica, and inventor extraordinaire

Type of Ride: 1999 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic

Dream ride: This question should be 'Dream ride(s)': Honda Valkyre Interstate fully loaded, Harley Ultra-Classic, and throw in a custom chopper for good measure.

How long have you been riding?: 2 years - back around ’86, and more recently for the last five years.

Miles ridden this year: 4000 mi.

What do you like about riding?: I’ve met some really wonderful friends and playmates though biking. It’s great to feel a part of a larger something. To be in a big, I mean BIG line of bikes, with a group of BIG, BAD, BIKERS, rumbling through rural small town North Carolina rattling the town’s peoples' window panes, and seeing the mothers scurry about to gather up their small children and hold them close while we cruise on past, and then to laugh it up over cookies and milk with this misfit group of rabble rousing computer geeks, salesmen, and, generally speaking, quite friendly upper-middle-class suburbia dwellers. For a 'Casper Milquetoast' such as myself, this is really Big Riding down a twisty country road so heavily canopied with trees that in spots the temperature drops ten degrees and the sunglasses that only moments ago I was so glad to have remembered are now just a dark intrusion to my fun, or when cruising though farmland not too far from my house and passing fields that seem to go on forever just glowing with the baby green of new growth, as if the ground itself was celebrating its deliverance from the temporary death of winter with an offering of the most vivid colors it can possibly produce - during these times I am overcome with the Grace, and Love of God. In these moments I am swept away by the majesty of his creation, and the ride becomes more than just a casual past-time, it becomes a visceral reminder of how big is our God, how paltry my worries, and how much there is to be thankful for.

What does SCRC mean to you?: SCRC has been a wonderful place to experience a community/family type atmosphere, an atmosphere albeit made up of widely varied and slightly disturbed individuals. I was very taken when first joining SCRC, this being my first real foray into the world motorcycling, with the civic mindedness of the "biker" community. I’m proud of the money we raise and the good that we do for the towns and cities we live in.

Rides I like the most: The Red lawn ride to Bracey, Liberty road and circling Lake Royal

Dream trip: I’ve heard some wonderful stories about these trips folks have taken up and down the eastern portion of our fine country, but mostly I just look forward to the time when I can more fully share the biking experience with my wife and sons.

Favorite Quote: "Sometimes the purpose of pain is not to get out of pain. Sometimes the purpose of pain is to get out of pain what you’re meant to get out of pain and then to get out of pain." Pastor Doug Hammack, North Raleigh Community Church

Anything else you'd like to say?: Thank you to my wife for her love and support, without which I’d be a puddle of mush wearing badly mismatched clothing, and whose generosity allowed me to purchase my bike and enter the world of professional week end bikers.

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