Member Spotlight Archives: Tony Sluder

Name: Tony Sluder

Nickname: Er...Ummm............Tony

Age: 43

Occupation: Senior Customer Service Engineer

Hobbies/Other interests: Restoring Muscle cars, forever working on home projects with a growing need to complete them before I retire and move to the mountaintops where I will produce my own Riccola commercials.

Type of Ride: 2002 VTX1800 (slightly altered from stock...;-))

Dream ride: 2006 BMW R1200RT and Confederate Hellcat

How long have you been riding?: About 7 years if you don't count the mini bike years of my youth.

Average Miles a Year: 5000-8000 miles a year is average. However, work demands have squashed that a bit this year as I have been riding the stress train as of late. Duty calls and so Brutus sits unattended in the garage alot. I must go and visit him tonight!!

What do you like about riding?: I like the wind in my face
and to just go to a place
that I neva neva been to
another new open space
I like the sound of the motor
and not mashing the rotor
as I don't like to slow down
until its time for a soder (sorry bout that one).
Truthfully, I can say that I like all aspects of riding. I enjoy the friends that I have made in our group as well as the camaraderi that I see in everyone when we gather for events, charities and general riding pleasure. I really like the sense of self as I ride amongst the mountain peaks of western NC and Tennessee. The majesty of God's creation really becomes apparent as I travel through wide mountain passes with views that extend so vast as to make me really understand how I am but a an insignificant spec in the wholeness of it all.

Why did you join the SCRC?: To meet like minded people and enjoy the times that we gather for events and rides.

What does SCRC mean to you?: SCRS means to me a means to meet and eat. Seriously though, I enjoy the times that we spend together and the good deeds that we take part in for people who have greater needs than ourselves and being able to mix the goodness of heart with some exhaust noise is a very fulfilling endeavor.

Rides I like the most: Mountain runs, wide open and little traveled roads that take us to places most cars avoid. These are the peaceful, relaxing routes that make the bike not only a good means of transportation but a dual wheeled therapy machine.

Dream trip: I have several. A three week tour of the US through big sky country and then down the coast of California and then crossing back through the southern plains. One day I will do the Edelweiss Alps run...

Favorite Quote: "Why tiptoe through life to only arrive safely at death's door." Kinda sums it up huh?

Anything else you'd like to say?:Nope!

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