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Monday, August 20, 2012

Hello from the Great White North. Actually the temp here has been in the mid 90’s each day. Bonnie and I are having a great trip. Went up to Kaslo to see the old paddle boat and spent a few hours in the hot springs at Ainsworth. Downside is nowhere to rent a bike locally.We will travel to Vancouver this weekend to see an old college friend, then visit the Okanagen valley on the way back to Nelson.

I enjoyed reading Fred's story. Reminded me of almost running out of fuel in the Nevada dessert and drifting into the gas station, then putting 4.5 gallons into my 4.2 gallon tank. THAT'S the type of adventure that makes biking exciting.

From National:
National wants us all to know that registration for the national rally is now closed.

This from Cindy H. on MRF:

Hey! You! My friend!

Don't you know someone who should be a member of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation? It costs less than 0.082 cents a day to belong, or, if they cannot swing the membership right now, ask them to please consider a smaller donation, at the same link! The MRF continues to depend on its membership to support keeping the office open.


The MRF has consistently taken the sting out of things for motorcyclists; most never feel a thing. Short list of examples:

1) In 1998, the MRF (and when I say the MRF I mean it's membership) was responsible for blocking the U.S. Congress when they nearly made it illegal for motorcycles to traverse the U.S. Interstate system!

2) During the Clinton administration when HIPAA was released, it was the MRF that took Congress to task and forced a CHANGE in that law - - because the law stated that if you are covered by your employer's health insurance program, your employer could elect to remove you completely from the coverage simply because you own or ride motorcycles!

3) While in NC we have taken care of the motorcycle-only/discriminatory checkpoints, the U.S. Congress is considering it right now. Its up to the MRF to stop that from being a national ok-to-do sort of thing!

4) Many times the MRF has blocked Congress, via the re-authorization of the Transportation bill(s) from blackmailing states into unfair motorcycle laws. Each time Congress re-authorizes the Transportation bill, the MRF has to do this.

This year, the MRF's national conference, Meeting of the Minds, is being held in Durham, near the Raleigh/Durham Airport at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Conference Center. Rooms for the Conference

I sure hope you can attend. This is an opportunity that won't come our way again any time soon, that's for sure and for certain. Right now, I gotta be honest; the MRF is really in need.

For more information

Meanwhile, please pay attention to the ongoing membership drive initiative.... you could win a free year's membership just by getting two of your friends to join up. And really, why wouldn't they?

I would be very happy to talk to you about the MRF. Feel free to drop me a line, anytime. And thanks, as always, for your support of our continued riding freedoms!

I hope to entice Cindy into giving us periodic MRF updates for the web site.

That’s all for now.

Ride safe and ride often,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week:

From Frank on Bike Night:

despite threat of rain....
it was "couples night"....
Kevin & Doreen, Char & Roy, Becky & I, Tim, Alain, and new guests...
Good food, and the rain held off... although the skies did darken, after sunset...
While we call them "bike nights".... they are really "meet & greets". A great way to get to know your fellow members.
Come by motorcycle, if you can... or cage it. All are welcome.

And on the FUGAWI ride;

What a great day for a ride... I know the weather gurus were forecasting "doom and gloom" all weekend, but sometimes ya just gotta roll the dice.
Where to begin... how about the weather... mid 80's... clear skies... almost warm when standing and kicking tires... but quite comfy while riding, and those tree shaded roads, got noticeably cool... and in those "cool low spots" it was nippy!!!

Only Tony and Bonnie chose to ignore the forecast. We hung around in case there were stragglers, but there wasn't, so we headed north.

Great roads... tight curvy sections... tree lined... across farmlands ablaze with "the bright leaf". Wound up at Wilson Bros in South Hill VA for BBQ... then more back roads across Gaston before turning for home.

220 "chapter miles", a good meal....great friends, and lots of laughter.


Check out the Chapter Forum or the Yahoo group from time to time to keep updated on current events and club news.

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