Weekly Update

Monday, August 6, 2012

Well, the new web site is up. I think it looks great. Kudos to webmistress Bonnie N. There was a glitch at first that sent some to the new site and some to the old. I think this has been fixed. If you get sent to the old page, let Bonnie N. know through Yahoo.

We have some ideas about changes to come, and are open to any, and all, suggestions. We will be restarting the member profiles, and will be alternating between new members and profiling or updating the profiles of old members. I think this is a good way to get to know each other and help the new members feel a part of the GRSCRC family, so you may get those "questions" and a request for a photo of yourself in your email.

We have updated some of the links to Yahoo, Delphi, and SCRC National (which had two different home pages). If you can think of other links or useful websites to include on the page, let Bonnie N. know.

I would like to use the web page to "link" or various sources of communication. We currently have the web site (which traditionally did not change very quickly), Delphi (which is good for some ongoing topics to be easily viewed and keeping in touch with other groups), Yahoo (which is good for quicker communications and linking info to smartphones, but which CAN have delays in posting), and our emailed updates (which come out once a week, and will be archived and reprinted on the web page). I would like to create a way to link these sites and create a method for riders to post last minute rides ("I’m riding to Xanadu today, meet me at…"), changes in rides ("weather sucks, Xanadu ride cancelled"), or quick messages ("my bike won’t start. I won’t make the KSU time. Leave without me." Or "I’m running late. Can you hold the KSU for me for 10 minutes?"). Maybe a Twitter link? The uses are open, but communication is key.

On this note, the contact info (email, phone, NAMES, etc.) which I have via national are outdated. This means some members may not be getting emails (including THIS one). Please update your info on the national web site and mention this at meet ups and rides for those not on the list.

I would like to post contact info on the web site (although this is not protected) or somewhere else (Yahoo, which IS restricted to members), so we CAN contact each other about rides or changes or emergencies. Your suggestions to this end are welcomed and feel free to send ME this info to include on the web site (IF you do not mind the info being public).

Sorry we have not been to many rides or bike nights. I have been working a lot of days to free up the three weeks for BC. I hope to ride more when we return in September.

Ride safe and ride often,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week:

Frank’s Clarksville ride 8/4/2012:

We pulled the plug on Clarksville. Mike & Cindy Hodges, joined me for a ride up my "left turn route" as we approached Antioch, I remained on Fairport, and we went to 96 Buffet for lunch (it was as though Rick WAS with us) We enjoyed lunch, with the usual BS, and shared memories.

Too much to do, and a little too hot to do everything.

After lunch Cindy headed home to do CBA stuff, while Mike followed me home... or at least to Roy & Char's home to discuss some projects.

And from Frank for Sunday 8/5:

Sunday, I rode to Wake Forest for the classic car show. Mostly the same cars that always show up (pix are on my Facebook) Bob and Cindy Humphrey were there (Cindy posted FB photos as well). Tar River had Steve, Bill, and Lynn in attendance.

Nice way to kill some time. I worked out a BBQ and an Ice Cream stop if we want to go check out cars anothoer weekend.

Check out the Chapter Forum or the Yahoo group from time to time to keep updated on current events and club news.

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