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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hard to believe it’s December. Spring like weather and still good rides. I wonder if this will be another year with New Year’s and Frostbite rides in the 70’s. Gotta love global warming.

I want to thank those of you who are stepping up to lead rides. You keep the club going. If you haven't lead a ride, and would like help in organizing one or pointers, ask one of us (me,Frank,Kevin). It’s not difficult. Even getting lost is fun (as I've discovered).

I will be even more of an absentee FO for awhile. Leaving for Boston and NY this week, then Aussieland on the 26th. Back by 1/13th. I hope to get to more bike nights and rides when I return.

Ride safe and ride often,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week:

Bike night 12/7 - Frank

Cool weather... rain, AND the holidays led to a small crowd at Stromboli tonight. Tony & Bonnie, Bob & Cindy, John Rooney, and myself... plus a visit for Tar River's David.

Not much to report on... we passed around a video capture of Tony's "Michael Jackson imitation" we ate, and laughed... and then a junior high school girls basketball team entered, and any chance of conversation was lost. Still better than sitting home, watching TV...

Kevin’s ride: Kevin's recap

After some early morning showers, the skies cleared (sorta) and the sun tried to shine thru.

Dorene and I arrived at the Wilco-Hess about 9:20 to find Frank sipping a cup of coffee. After a few minutes Mike H. rode in then Tar Rivers Steve rode in, a few minutes later Mitch joined us and we were off.

The roads were still wet but not bad. We took rt. 56 to Hester rd. to Brogden rd. into Stem, up old 75 to Culbreth rd. to Enon rd., Betheny church rd., Helena-Moriah rd., we crossed 15-501 to Hurdle mills, then Hurdle Mills rd. to rt. 86, a bio break at the intersection of rt. 86 & rt.49, then more back roads to Milton and Aunt Millies.

We arrived 15 minutes before they open at 12:30 and were the first ones in, we ordered our lunch and by the time we were finished the place was packed.

More back roads down to Oxford (thanks to Dorene for calling out the turns to me), the sky stayed mostly overcast with the sun shining thru occasionally. It was a super fun day with super good company, thanks guys for sharing today with us.

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