Weekly Update

Monday, July 30, 2012

Well a week has gone by as FO and no calls for impeachment yet. This must be a GOOD sign. I thank all of you for your words of encouragement and for stepping up to the challenge of participation. Frank is, at this moment, SO pro-tem, awaiting SCRC national OK. He will continue to lead monthly and impromptu rides and serve as Road Captain/Tailgunner. Bob H. has agreed to stay on as Tailgunner. Several others have spoken up and plan to lead some rides this year. THAT is what we need to keep the chapter alive. If you would like to be a road captain or tailgunner, let me know. Titles are not what's important, riding is.

If you haven't lead a ride, think about it. It is NOT as difficult as you might imagine, and heck, if you make a wrong turn..., that's part of the fun. No one could get as lost on a ride as I do, but sometimes that's when I find the best roads and places. I discovered the New Hope Railroad Depot by taking a wrong turn in a mystery ride out of Michael's.

I'm hoping if every experienced rider leads at least ONE ride a year (long, short, impromptu, planned, overnight, whatever) we will exceed previous years for participation. Heck, even if we only have ONE good ride a month, that's golden.

Congratulate Rick, whose daughter just signed up for the MSF new rider course. Hope she will join Rick with a GRSCRC ride as soon as she is ready.

Bonnie and I will be up in the Great White North from 8/17 – 9/5 and hope to get in some riding there.

We are planning to go to Bryson City with SCRC in September. Frank will also be there (and I hope Becky also). Think about joining us. Lots of great roads to explore.

Bonnie is sitting next to me on our porch as I type this, redesigning and updating our web site. It should be viewable on Wednesday. First views of it look good. Bonnie is open to comments once you see the results.

Ride safe and ride often,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week:

From Frank: Weekend ride to Warrenton.

Kudos to Kevin, and Doreen for a great day in the saddle.

160 miles +/- up to Warrenton, then on to Eaton Ferry, and then along the NC/VA border. Finally a good sunny, but not too hot day.

Started the day trying to help a rider with a dead battery in Creedmoor, but he called in the cavalry and we were not needed. Took Brassfield to Bike Route One, before doing a nice twist of Filo White to Gray Rock, then out towards Warrenton.

I've ridden through Warrenton several dozen times, and always wanted to stop... but never found the time. Certainly was worth it.... and we might start a new tradition.

After lunch, with the temps still "pleasant", we opted to continue the ride, and headed for Lake Gaston. A scenic ride lead us to Eaton Ferry Rd, then northward to "southside" Virginia. Took Red Lawn, then home via Bike Route One, Egypt Mountain. (Nothing quite as "thrilling" as rain, a declining radius curve, AND deer crossing our path.)

A few rain drops just because it could, and we soon parted ways, south of Kettrel.

I must say Doreen did an outstanding job navigating. She may have a new "title" DPS...

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