Weekly Update

Tuesday, November 19, 2012

Team Powersports now open in Durham on rte 70 near the old Biker Boulevard site and fills in a big gap in Durham for a good bike shop. Big showroom and a lot more bikes. They will be getting more stock in and plan a grand opening sometime nearer to riding season (riding season?? I thought that was summerspringwinterfall).

Frank and I are still collecting routes for our planned WVa ride and PA rides for the Spring/summer ’13. If you are interested in working on this with us, let us know.

Early plans for a "Valentines Day party"?? (spats, flappers and tommy guns ??). Stay tuned.

Finally, if you are not a member of either Delphi or Yahoo you may want to sign up. These are the best ways to get UTD info about rides on short notice (ie. after the weekly update),(at least until we set up Twitter).

Ride safe and ride often,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week:

Bike night: nice little crowd... for the week before thanksgiving

Becky and I arrived in time to see Bob and Cindy order their food... with Rick behind them... Tar River members Bill and Lynn showed up, followed by Joel and Bonnie, then Larry and Lynn Watson appeared, Mike H, and finally Alain and Eva. Joel and I kicked around the idea of having 2 overnight chapter rides, or combining the 2 into one big ride... Cooler heads prevailed, and we'll do the West Virginia ride in May (dates TBD) and the Pennsylvania ride in July (August?)

Joel will be in Australia over the holidays, so I'll plan, and lead the New Years and Frostbite rides. We are thinking, it's near impossible to set a holiday party date due to everyone having commitments in December, my suggestion is to have a party in February... a pre-season event...

Today's ride:(from Frank)

Larry W, Joel, and Bonnie were waiting for me as I arrived at HH. We discussed the weather guesser's prediction of sunny and warm, and how gray the clouds looked. We lingered a bit over coffee, and company before hitting the road. Within 10 minutes, the clouds parted and we started to heat up. This did not last long, and soon we were under thick clouds. No rain... just thick gray clouds.

Up and around Falls Lake, along well-trodden roads. Still plenty of color in the leaves, no great display, but it WAS there.

Weather got to be a bit on the "raw" side... not bad, but kinda "dank", so we started easing our way to a lunch spot. Fire Pit was closest, but they are closed on Mondays, so we went to the next closest , O'Dwyer's Irish Pub. Food was tasty, and we had the place to ourselves. Hour or so later we decided to hit the road. Joel wanted to stop be the new TPS, on Glenwood, so off we went.

Opening Day at TPS seemed to be a hit, as the showroom was full... even if only "tire kickers". I played around with helmets, while Joel and Bonnie tried a new Voyager on for size.

(And yes, I have been lusting after the V)

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