Weekly Update

Monday, November 5, 2012

November already. Early darkness and falling temperatures as well as falling leaves. Those of you who, like myself, ride to work, remember to dress warmly, prepare to ride home in darkness and watch for those clumps of fallen leaves waiting to reduce your coefficient of friction (read- skid your ass off).

Rides will continue all winter, as usual, but will be shorter, with, perhaps, an occasional overnight.

If you are not a winter rider, at least try to get out to an occasional bike night to keep in touch.

Finally, another sad loss to the family. Mike Dankert's dad has passed away. Mike: we are all with you in your time of sadness. We love you and Marjie.

Ride safe and ride often,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week:

Weekend daylight savings ride

From Frank: what a beautiful day... started a bit "brisk"... Kevin, Tony, Bonnie, and Fred, all arrived same time I did at Handy Hugo. We decided some coffee, and time, might warm things up, so we lingered awhile. Sun, while bright, wasn't going to add BTUs, so we hit the open road.

The trees are ablaze (in spots) and most of the crops are in... much of the landscape has gone brown... which makes a nice contrast, to the trees, and lawns.

A few stops and a lot of country roads... and we were on Old Liberty. Alas, so was slow moving traffic...I bailed out onto White Memorial, and hightailed for Juggtown.

The place was packed, seems we hit the tail end of the lunch rush, but we got a booth, gave our waitress our requests, and settled in for the wait. As expected the food was delicious, and abundant... It was the first time for everyone, except me... and Tony started a new trend... DESSERT!!!... boy oh boy... they are as good as they look... seems the father of our waitress is the owner/cook/baker... and he learned his craft, from his Italian grandma, back in Michigan..... that explains A LOT!!!!

After stuffing ourselves to distraction... we eased our way home, via Pittsboro. Just shy of 200 miles, but everyone of them a beauty.

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