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Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall is here and leaf season is near. Time to get some riding in before serious chill. Bonnie will be busy working on the election once early voting begins, October 18th, until election day.

I do not have many weekends off for the next month or so, but am open for weekday rides if folks want to do this (let me know).

I do not see any rides posted for this month, so I will lead a ride to the D-Day memorial, in Bedford, Va. We can take "Joel’s route" through Climax and lunch at the Station. (Best cheesecake in the area). Tentative schedule for Saturday 10/20 with meetup time/place TBA.

Still drooling over that sweet Voyager from Bryson City.

Planning a Fall party at our place on the 27th. More details to come.

Ride safe and ride often,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week:

Sunday’s Wake Forest Bike Fest, from Frank:

Considering Saturday's wash out... I wasn't surprised to see a small crowd at the first Wake Forest Bike Fest. We parked in Lumpy's parking lot, and walked across the street, and the first face I saw was Kevin... giving the "once over" to a BMW... next to Kevin and Dorene, were Tony, and Bonnie... with Tony extolling the virtues of that bike... Yes indeed... Tony bought a "low mileage cream puff, used by a NCSHP sergeant for coffee and donut runs".

We got a chance to visit with Ed and Dave from JCC#22 and then Steve and Dave from Tar River showed up. Steve brought out a "golden oldie" his 2005 (clean) Red Honda 1100 Spirit.

Dave M went off in search of free grub, while we contemplated riding SOMEWHERE, of this beautiful sunny day. The food line was too long to wait in, so Dave went off to a store. Upon his return we decide it was time to ride... (what the heck, we ARE a "riding club" after all).

Not much of a ride... just an impromptu tour of the area... North on White Street, to Youngsville, then Cedar Creek to Franklinton, NC-56 to Green Hill (where Kevin and Dorene split off to do something rustic). Left on Gray Rock Right on Cannady, right on Fairport, Left on Charlie Grissom, Crossed US1 (again)to Chavie, to Woodlief, to Oak Ridge Crossed US-1 (once more) to Egypt Mnt,left on Charlie Grissom, to Mt Olivet, to Fred Wilder, and came to rest at the Hardees, on US-1.

Nice little 50 mile loop. Just enough to work the kinks out. We stood around the parking lot laughing and joking, when Bonnie suggested we should partake of their malts. hmmm Ice cream, on a ride???? why not.

All in all a good day.

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