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Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall is here and leaf season is upon us. While we all want to get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery, keep a few things in mind. Falling leaves quickly become a riding hazard as they accumulate on the road, especially after a rainfall. This will cause a loss of traction in curves as well as when accelerating and braking.

Temperatures will be fluctuating a lot in the next few months, with warm days and rapidly dropping temperatures at night. Getting caught without warm or layered clothing as the temperatures drop 20-30 degrees after the sun sets can cause you to rapidly lose body heat. This can cause you to become inattentive and sleepy. Frostbitten hands can cause loss of control on the handgrips. Packing layers and various types of gloves, or heated equipment will prepare you for any weather.

Lastly, Holiday seasons will soon be upon us and many conflicting demands for various toy runs and holiday parades. Many of these will be posted here and on our web site. We each have our favorites and scheduled rides may be conflicting, but I will add my voice to Franks and ask you to consider the INA Fitts ride. While it may be fun to participate in mega rides of 500+ bikes, only a few riders attend Ina Fitts. We do a lot in this endeavor to provide a brighter holiday for the children. While I may not be able to attend this ride due to work demands, I ask that some of you consider it as one of your holiday rides.

Hoping to see all of you at our place Saturday for the Fall party.

Ride safe and ride often,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week:

10/9 Ride to Cummock, NC: (per Frank) Bonnie and Joel took me up on the ride. We sat around HH for a while hoping the clouds would part, but they remained. As the weather was a bit too raw and damp, we decided to ease over to Rollesville, and check out this place I'd heard of.

A short fun loop around Falls Lake, and then a pit stop at Capital Power Sports, to gather some info... and "show the flag". Bonnie picked up a pair of glove liners, while Joel and I drooled over a sweet ST1300 Honda. Then it was off to the teeming metropolis of Rolesville. We found JD's, right where I'd heard it was.

JD informed us we were too early for Brisket, so I ordered something else, while Joel and Bonnie went with pulled pork. They report the pork, was pretty tasty. Surprise !! JD delivered a Brisket sammich to me, for the price of my lessor selection.

We now have 3 good choices for brisket.... Smokey's (still me fave) but Fire Pit, and JD don't miss the top spot by much... if at all.

We sat around JD's enjoying the smells coming from the kitchen (no pit at this location, which causes a few lost points IMO), and JD's company... he owns a Nomad, and of course became tight with Joel. We gave him our "prototype chapter cards" and after roughly 1.5 hours we were on the road.

The clouds still held back the warmth, and we decided to ease on home. As you'd expect, I led a loopy trail south(ish) to TPS in Garner... we did some bench racin with the guys behind the counter (TPS on Glenwood will open mid November).

Then we said our good byes, and hit the slab for a short blast home.

Kerr Lake Loop Ride 10/13 (per Frank) A clear but cool (55 degrees) start to the day.

Kevin, and Larry Nunnery, took me up on the Clarksville lunch ride. We sat around talking about rides, and such, waiting to see if more riders would show. We were off, and I tried to keep the ride interesting, as Kevin had joined me on the previous CLR.

We meandered up towards Falls Lake, and then checked out the Falls Road construction... just to see how traffic was being routed. With so many great roads near the lake, we were a bit tardy getting to the half-way point. I threw an old chestnut into the mix using "Beech Run" just connecting Cornith, and Nelson (Picture a 2.5 mile mini version of Red Lawn).

We stopped at Lamplighter, for lunch... place has had a lot of updating. New menu, fresh paint, place is looking good!!!

We then hit the road for home, so I basically turned my regular route backwards, hitting Tungsten, Hicksboro, Huntsboro, and then Bike Route One... great roads, and the weather was picture perfect.

Note of caution.... Townsville, has some "chip & seal" road work, for the first half mile... it's mostly cleared off, so not a problem... BUT... the corners leading to both McDuffy, and Island Creek, are pretty slick... be careful out there.

Saturday ride to Bedford Va

Frank, Chris "Bear" Chiavacci, Larry Nunnery, Fred, Kevin, Steve (from Tar River and our last FO) and myself rode up to Bedford, following a new route (for me) out of Raleigh, through Roxboro and up "Joel’s route" to Bedford. Lots of colorful foliage and twisty roads and only a few misturns. (Thanks Frank for co-leading from the rear). We even managed to get stuck at a red light in the middle of the hollows outside of Smith Mountain Lake.

Liberty Station was going to be crowded, so we stopped for some quick BBQ at FAT Daddy’s, then on to the memorial.

An hour touring the memorial, then back down twisty 43 to Alta Vista. Home before dark.

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