Weekly Update

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hope everyone is OK after the big blow. Doesn’t seem like we got much storm here. Hoping those up north get through it OK.

The clock will be shifting in a week, and with it comes shorter daylight hours for a while L. Rides will be shorter and/or start earlier, to end before dark. Remember this when planning or attending the upcoming non chapter rides.

We might want to plan some more overnight rides, if there is some interest, to compensate for the cold night temperatures and short daylight.

Thank you all for attending the fall party. Everyone had a great time. Bonnie and I really enjoyed having you all over. Our neighbors, Matt and Beth, are still talking about the "great bunch of people" at the party. They felt instantly welcomed in the group. I told them "that's my family".

And last, our thoughts go out to Cindy Hodges, who is in Charlotte, with her Dad, who is ill and dying. Her cat, Lily, is also ill, and may need to be put to sleep. Cindy, we, GRSCRC, are all with you. You are family. If you need ANYTHING, let us know. We will be here for you when you return. Mike had a good time at the party, Saturday night.

Ride safe and ride often,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week:

Welcome back to a returning member, Michael Greenham.

Mike rides a bright orange HD-Vrod. Welcome him if you see him at bike night or an upcoming ride. He can be reached at greenham09@gmail.com

10/27 ride (From Frank)

Mike and Tar River's Steve Burton were the only 2 to take me up on today's ride. I can't blame anyone, for not showing... with the forecast changing so often....

Given their home locations, I kept them in my "neck of the woods" for quite a while... if they logged the ride via their GPS.... it would look like a "Jackson Pollack" butterfly... but I digress... 2 hours later we crossed 401, and Capital twice each... and used part of NC-98 at least 4 times... going East, as well as West....but a fun day... and I know there were parts that neither of them had ridden upon.

We pulled into Scooters at 1:04.... just as Kevin was giving up on us.... he did a quick U-turn, and joined us for lunch.

As expected, we discussed great roads... different bikes, how to improve what we have... and then we settled down to solve all of the country's problem. For such a diverse group, we were surprising civil, in our conversation... would that the politicians, their pundits, and the media did the same.

10/27 Fall party

Bonnie and I hosted a rollicking good time party attended by about 20 members and riding/non-riding partners and some of our neighbors. Fun, loud laughter, good food, music and a slide show (I liked the "awws" everytime Tony and Bonnie's wedding kiss came up).

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