Weekly Update

Monday, September 17, 2012

Pretty quiet week here. Getting back to work after 3 weeks of vacation, and getting our rides ready for the Fall Getaway this weekend.

Kudos and congratulations to our Becky for bagging her dream job. You deserve it.

I hope to have a conversation this weekend with folks at Bryson City about a summer excursion/ride and begin some plans. Once again, if you have ideas/destinations, or want to get involved with the planning, jump right in and let me know. It looks like Thunder Bay at 1500 miles, may be out of the range for a one week trip for all but 500 mile/day riders, but north end of the mitt and the ferry are doable.

I am open to other destinations/ride suggestions.

Ride safe and ride often,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week:

Weather wet and folks had other business this weekend (I was working). No ride reports. There is still a lot of good riding weather ahead. Feel free to jump in and post a ride.

I seem to be booked to work a lot of the upcoming weekends to make up for recent time off and Aussie trip in December, but I’m free for some weekday rides. If there are folks interested in some of these, I will post some. Maybe a Peaks of Otter ride or a D Day memorial ride? Or both?

Check out the Chapter Forum or the Yahoo group from time to time to keep updated on current events and club news.

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