Weekly Update

Monday, August 12, 2013

The SCRC Mountain Rally in Mt Airy is coming up fast. Attendance/registration has been way above expectations. A third hotel has been added. Don’t miss out. I think you can still find a room. It should be a blast and raises funds for a good cause. Come on out and meet your SCRC brothers and sisters. The registration at the event starts on Thursday, Sept. 12th. There is a “back of the dragon” ride at 9am on Friday.

Poker runs on Saturday at 9 and 10am. Karaoke, bands, auctions, etc in the evening.

Spend some time in the land of Opie, Andy, Barney. Ride up Pilot MT ("Mt Pilot"). Go to the drive-in. Eat a pork chop sandwich at Snappy's. Get a haircut (for 25 cents?) at Floyd's barber shop. Ride in the Mayberry squad car.

Ride some great roads.

We (Frank, Becky, Lynn, Bonnie (Belle) N. and I are leaving on Friday and taking the scenic way out.

See the details below.

Joel "Doc" Kann
FO GRSCRC Chapter #70
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week

Bike night at Stromboli Express: Frank and Mike Hodges shared food, laughs and solved the world's problems. When told I would vote for them, Mike, in the tradition of Sherman, said he would NOT serve. I haven't, however, heard Frank decline the nomination.

Check out the Chapter Forum or the Yahoo group from time to time to keep updated on current events and club news.

If you see an event you want to attend, and you think it might be fun to attend said event,with fellow riders... Please post something on either Yahoo, or Delphi forums. If I see it in time, I'll cross post on the other. The forums are great ways for YOU... to get to know your fellow members, and with luck, get someone to ride along.

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