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Monday, August 26, 2013

I was AWOL this weekend flying up to Boston and driving a 14’ box filled with furniture and my son-in-law back to Chapel hill. Two days, 800+ miles of driving followed by unloading the truck.

Missed the ride to Lowell to ogle and ride the new Indians (see below).

I did, however, get MY bike back today. Seems to run great after a carburetor float clean and a vacuum leak repair. I only wish it hadn't taken so long. Hope to get some riding in with a few off days coming up.

Bonnie has set up an online form so you can update or submit an original profile and photo for "member spotlight" online. The link is scrcraleigh.com/members/form/scrc_members_spotlight.php

I'm asking EVERYONE who hasn't submitted a profile or updated one in the last few years to please DO SO. It is a good way for members to get to know each other. We will highlight a member every few weeks.

Welcome new member John King. Please greet the new member at email johnthegeek@earthlink.net. John lives in Raleigh and rides a Goldwing. If you see John at a bike night or on a ride, say hi.

Joel "Doc" Kann
FO GRSCRC Chapter #70
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week

No Bike Nite this week.

Saturday August 24, 2013 - Ride to Charlotte for new Indian test rides
Frank, Becky, Tony, Bonnie S., Kevin, Steve from Tar River, and Larry from Five Points all had apt. slots to demo the new Indians in Lowell, NC. The group slabbed it out in time for coffee and doughnuts and a walk around to check out the bikes.

Franks report:

Steve and Becky selected the "Vintage"... Becky took one WITH the Saddle bags, Steve was on one that had the bags off (previously dropped?? maybe??) Bonnie went on the Chief... while Tony, Kevin, Larry and I headed for the Chieftain.

Becky reported feeling a bit cramped, and needing leg room... while Bonnie reported feeling stretched out "like being drawn & quartered". Kevin, Steve, and I noted how "small and light" they felt. We all agreed that we had "tweaked" our bikes for years setting them up... for our comfort... and that would affect how we feel on a different bike.

For me... the Chieftain felt fine... but I had a limited time on it... and that was NOT enough time to give an honest/detailed report. The gauge cluster seemed "busy"... or maybe I just didn't know what it was showing. I did not get a look over the owner's manual... so the switches made no sense to me. I figured out the radio controls and how to adjust the windshield.

Test route, wasn't the greatest... we turned left onto I-85 at a corner without a "left turn arrow". The lead group got through ok... but Kevin, Bonnie, the T/G and I were left behind. I was the only one to make the next light... and found myself alone on I-85....not having a clue... I pulled over to wait on the rest. I found a safe place to do so... and soon the pack rode by. I had to wait for a safe chance to go... and was able to use the power of the 111 engine... GOOD GOLLY... it has some serious snot.

I caught up to the T/G at the next exit... and he told me the next few turns. I was able to "toss it around" a bit on some "curves". The trail and rake on the big touring make makes it feel like it's half the size and weight. VERY nimble.

My bike had an ill fitting left saddle bag lid. This made an annoying "buzz" at throttle... I checked out the other bikes... and it was just mine... (again maybe previously dropped??). I would have liked to spend a whole hour getting to know the bike... and if not... then setting up a MSF class course, and getting a better "feel" for the bike.

We hung around the dealership a while... collecting what swag we could... and went off in search of "cue" I had the GPS take me to someplace called "Hillbilly's"... and to the GPS sacred honor, we rolled right past it... Larry saw the sign, and we turned around.

Talk at the table was about our experiences on "strange" bikes... our comforts... and discomforts. The UJM single stalk turn signals... lack of a heel shifter ... the torque... the fit and finish. We mostly agreed... there were the usual "tweaking" of seats... and control locations... but that is normal on any bike.

Another blast along I-85 to get to the "home side" of Charlotte... then along NC-73 to NC-49. One last fuel stop in Asheboro... then home via back roads.

Others will post their thoughts... and feelings. If they had a RED Vintage... I believe Becky would have a new bike today.

Really looking forward to a LOCAL dealership.

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