Weekly Update

Tuesday, December 18, 2013

Late again. I have been working furiously (sometimes literally) with attorneys and accountants to get my divorce done (maybe this week) as well as get our house renovated and up for sale. No picnic, either of these things. Working extra shifts on top of that.

OK. End of kvetching. New stuff. You may have already gotten the e-mail about the Raleigh showing of "Why We Ride" on January 19, 2014 at the Grande Theater at 6pm. Tickets have flown off the web site and at last count, only 6 tickets are left on the Tugg.com website. TPS, who graciously sponsored the event, may have their own tickets. Some are up for free.

You can buy them at either TPS dealership, or at www.tugg.com/events/7153. It is a great movie. I have 2 tickets and may not be able to go (assigned to work). If I cannot get a fill in, I will offer the tickets to the group. It is also available on DVD.

The chapter participation totals are in for 2013. Helmets off to Frank, who diligently kept the records after my ADD took over and I lost track after a few months.

11 months = 24 rides, 36 bike nights

19 members attended 4 or more events

8 members attended 2 or 3

3 members attended one

While I continuously rant about participation, this, folks, is better than MOST chapters. Keep up the work. As I always say, this is OUR chapter. You can READ about events or you can BE the event.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week

12/13 Stromboli Express. I was at work. No one showed up, on a balmy night, except Frank.

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