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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A day late again. Up to my ears with stuff. My daughter just got her first nursing job at Duke and I will be going up to Boston to help her drive down to NC in two weeks. Then, back at the end of August to help her husband pack the truck (lovely 3 floor walk up with typical Boston narrow winding stairs) and drive back to NC. They are still looking for an apartment/house to rent. (She will be working at the Duke Croasdale clinic on Hillandale road, just north of I-85). If anyone has a lead, let me know.

Hot weather is here with temps in the 90's and thunder storms every day. Ride with the appropriate gear and keep hydrated. Remember that heat exhaustion and dehydration will sneak up on you subtly when riding, resulting in fatigue, slower reflexes and blatant stupidity. B and I recently picked up some long sleeve shirts from Columbia sportswear that wick away sweat and cool the material. They worked well coming back from Charleston (until mega thunderstorm in Ft Bragg).

Some confusion over the Rainbow ride (see below). Cricket's email had said the 27th, but it turns out to be this weekend, on the 20th. Long, 2 hour straight ride to Greenville with check in at 9 am and ride at 11 am. It is a good cause. Frank and I decided to give it a miss, but if you are interested, post a meet up or ride out. Here is a link to the site and a list of things that are needed.

Instead, Frank and I will do a ride up to Clarksville, an old standby. It turns out Juggtown café has moved to Ashboro. I thought of doing a longer ride to Natural bridge/BRP or Floyd/Ferrum, but a bit too hot for a 300+ mile day.

Welcome our newest member, Kevin Smith. Kevin lives in Franklinton and, despite his email address, rides a 2013 vstar 1100. He can be reached at 350zbandit@gmail.com. Say hi if you meet Kevin at a bike night or a ride.

Speaking of Bike night, our 3/month nights seem to be going gangbusters, with great attendance. We will keep to this schedule for now, meeting on the first 3 Fridays of each month.

Finally on a sad note, this from Bob Humphrey: Though many of you are on Facebook and may already know from Cindy's posts, she lost her mother to a brief, but painful battle with pancreatic cancer on Saturday morning. Some in the club have met her on a ride we took to her house in Kingsport, TN many years ago, so they too know the warm and loving woman she was, always with her door open to visits and always with something great cooking on the stove. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her and loved her, as she is laid to rest this week in Kingsport.

Joel "Doc" Kann
FO GRSCRC Chapter #70
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week

Bike night at Stromboli Express. Another great turnout, with Frank, Mike H, Cindy H, Roy, Charla, Tony, Bonnie, Fred, Me, Bonnie, Kevin, Dorene, and two grand sons. Lots of lively conversations and some ride plans.

Check out the Chapter Forum or the Yahoo group from time to time to keep updated on current events and club news.

If you see an event you want to attend, and you think it might be fun to attend said event,with fellow riders... Please post something on either Yahoo, or Delphi forums. If I see it in time, I'll cross post on the other. The forums are great ways for YOU... to get to know your fellow members, and with luck, get someone to ride along.

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