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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Still bikeless with no ETA, SIGH. I've been here before with a number of different bike shops, both good and bad. I think the worst part of having a bike in the shop is waiting to have it repaired. For those of us for whom our bike is a means of transportation, as well as a lifestyle, as opposed to those for whom a motorcycle is a "doo-dad" in the garage to be taken out occasionally for fun, every day without use of our machine is an eternity, as precious days of good riding weather disappear.

I have had shops do repairs in a few hours and shops put my bike in a black hole for 3 months. The worst part is when there is no information, like "I’m waiting for parts, it will take a few days" or "I'm busy as shit and won't get to it for a few weeks" and no calls for weeks. I don’t mind waiting with a reasonable explanation, but an ETA is expected. This would never work with an auto shop. Why do we have to put up with it for bike repair?

So much for my rant.

Please join me in welcoming our newest member, Robert Holloway. Robert lives in Henderson and rides a Suzuki M-90. Feel free to drop him a welcome note via cuplanuts3@nc.rr.com

Joel "Doc" Kann
FO GRSCRC Chapter #70
Joel "Doc" Kann

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