Weekly Update

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Two topics this week. First, had a chance to eye the new Zero electric bikes at TPS today. Pretty impressive machines. They accelerate smoothly and faster than most gas bikes with no gear shifting and instant power on. 0-60 in 3.3 sec with 108 ft-lb of torque for the SR. Top speed 102 mph and range of 170 miles. 7-9 hour slow charge on a standard outlet with a quick charger add on to get 95% charge in an hour or so.

Silent, eerie ride. You can actually have a conversation with another rider next to you at 60 mph!!

TPS is encouraging test rides. Try it out.

Next topic, rider participation. I have been following a thread on the SCRC officer’s site regarding concerns over member participation. This has always been an issue, since I have been a member (10+ years). ALL chapters have periods and seasons with low member participation. We are no exception, and actually have good overall participation rate. But with turn out for rides as it is, especially among “new” members, I feel compelled again to ask you, “what do you want out of this, YOUR club? “ I address this particularly to the new members.

We have 45 members "on the roles". There is a core of about 15 members who participate by attending rides and bike nights on a regular basis and about 10 more who occasionally show up. This includes 2 or 3 new members.

Aside from Frank (mostly), Kevin and myself, NO other ride leaders.

So let me know, please, how we can improve, and, moreover, what would you like from this club? What has kept you from participation?

Ride safe,

Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week

I did not get a report on Bike Nite at Stromboli Express. Bonnie and I missed it.

Saturday November 9: Ina Fitts Ride Bonnie and I were running late and arrived at Kmart at 10:50. We waited until 11. Planned to ride from there, but discovered a headlight out. We decided to bail, rather than ride sans headlight.

Meanwhile, from Frank: "I was the only one from GR who attended. Five points, JCC, Goldsboro, and Cape Fear also had attendees. I eased out and enjoyed the back roads, and brilliant blue skies."

A new "twist" on things... actual food was served... wings of various coatings... it was good, and as always the gifts were appreciated.

I left the party, and took an even longer, more convoluted route home.

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