Weekly Update

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

60–70's in mid November. I LOVE NC.

Not much going on this week. Bike awaiting a part and left rotator cuff getting some rest.

I only got one response to last week's update discussion from a long time active member (I promise I will answer when I get a moment). I would STILL like to hear from NEW members about what they are looking for in the club and how things are going. Feel free to email me privately if you do not want to discuss this in the forum or Yahoo group.

We need someone to lead a New Year's Day ride, since I will be out of town. Here is a chance to step up. I promise you, it IS fun to lead a ride and NO ONE can get lost more than I do.

I am awaiting my next quarter schedule to see if I will be free for the Frostbite Ride.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week

Friday November 15, Village Deli: From Tony Sluder - Bonnie and I made it down to Village Deli and found Frank and Rick basking out on the porch enjoying the fair weather. We all got in line and made our preferences known to the cook staff and settled on the porch to enjoy an open air dining environment. Shortly thereafter Mike and Marjie strolled in and joined the fun. We had a good time talking about all the new bikes coming out and discussed some of Rick's experiences at the Iron Horse with many of the serious long distance and world travelers that he met and related some of their stories. We all had a nice time, ate too much and laughed as usual with no alcohol necessary. A good time with great folks as always...

No rides this week.

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