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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgivukah to y'all. This year Hanukah and Thanksgiving coincide (so we don’t have to compete with Christmas). First time in 100 years or so. I will be making sweet potato latkes to take to work, since I am working. You are all invited to join us to share the leftovers at the NEXT Thanksgivukah in 79,000 years.

Looks like we will just get lots of rain and dodge the snow bullet. If it rains/ices, drive carefully and remember, NCDOT law requires you, after the first snowflake hits your windshield, to accelerate madly and point your vehicle to the nearest tree.

Just got the bike back from TPS Raleigh. Headlight failed. Bulb, fuse OK. First, they did a GREAT job at a reasonable price and, in spite of a tech being out with a broken collar bone, had the bike fixed in 1 week, as promised. Stop in and test ride the Zero electric.

They found the junction box fried. Closer inspection found the connections to my two external alternators had been "gnawed by some sort of rodent" and were making loose, intermittent contact. DAMN YOU, MICKEY !!!

Next topic, as previously stated, I will be out of town for New Year's Day ride (probably enjoying the 80 degree weather from the top floor of a clothing optional bar in Key West). It now looks as though I will also be working on 1/18 and not be able to lead the Frostbite ride.

I am asking for one or two of us to step up and lead these rides. They are an annual GRSCRC tradition. You will have destinations and times. You can take as direct or as indirect (a la Frank) route as you please. Post to YaHoo list, Delphi or email me if you want to do this.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

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