Weekly Update

Monday, November 4, 2013

First let me thank Frank for sending out the weekly update last week while Bonnie and I were away. We decided to travel WITHOUT laptops, then realized our limitations.

Second, let me, again wish Frank a happy Birthday. I don't think I have to point out to anyone who has been active in this chapter for the last 10 years or so how MUCH Frank does for GRSCRC and its members. He IS the backbone of the group and keeps it functioning and a good friend to us all.

Bonnie and I had a chance to do some real motorcycling and ride the BRP for a few days. We spent a couple of days up at Natural Bridge, seeing the sites, then rode up to Lexington, VA to tour Stonewall Jackson's home and have lunch at the Pink Cadillac. Next day awoke to rain and delayed our start until 11 am. Light rain down 11 to Roanoke, then sunny skies. Up on the BRP, where we were greeted by sun and 60's warmth and beautiful peaked color leaves all the way down to Mabry Mill, where we caught the Mill open between the gov't shutdown and its season closing this Sunday. Lunch on BBQ on corncakes and fresh currant jam. Stayed the night in Hillsville, then back home the next day to beat out Friday's torrential rains.

This is what motorcycling is about. I hope the rest of you are getting out to enjoy it.

Ride safe,

Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week

Bike Nite November 1, Sweet Tomatoes – Bonnie and I were joined on a cold, wet night by Frank and John for some good veggies and warm soup and warm pumpkin cobbler (still no peach). Laughs and stories and birthday congrats to Frank.

Saturday ride November 3 - I was working. From Frank: To no one's surprise, it was just Mike and myself... we talked about where to go... and headed off with no real plan... just go ride some curvy roads. Started with BR-1, and kept straight, instead and toured Franklinton, the River Road, and did Main st in Louisburg... a left, and a right, and we hit Laurel Mill... back onto 561, then off, then on... and in like manner before taking a break in Essex (Gateway to Hollister). More back roads to 158, then the back way to Eaton Ferry. Lunch at "Chef's Corner"... many of you will recall the Citgo station in Ebony VA, well it is now an eatery... food was good, and prices were fair.. and a no-nonsense waitress, who gave us a hard time.

Back out on the road... 903 to Bracey... fuel stop, and the Red Lawn... back to BR-1.

200 miles, of beautiful weather, curvy roads... and colorful trees. This might have been the best riding day that we will see for a while... I hope you had as much fun as we.

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