Weekly Update

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Working my fourth long, late shift in a row today, so late, again, with the update.

Finally got No-Mutt out of the shop. Starting problem corrected and a new clutch. Runs better than it has in years. Problem seems to have been a resistor on the new starter switch that was mounted too close to the cylinders and switch and was heating up, which would affect the resistance and voltage. Works well with a new resistor repositioned to a cooler spot.

Off to Mt Airy, for the SCRC Fall Mountain Rally with Frank, Bonnie N., Becky, Kevin, and Dorene. Three days of fun and camaraderie. We will be doing a poker run on Saturday morning of about 100 miles of twisty mountain roads. Bands, food, bike games and karaoke in the evenings.

Some folks had to drop out, so, if you are having second thoughts and would like to attend, you MAY still be able to get a room at one of the hotels.

We will be meeting at Handy Hugos, Friday morning at 10 am and riding up.

Bike night is still on, but Frank and I will be absent.

Joel "Doc" Kann
FO GRSCRC Chapter #70
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week

Bike Nite moved at the last minute to our OLD haunt, the Chargrill on Strickland due to Weinberg's going belly up. I pulled up with Bonnie to find Frank and Cindy Humphrey waiting. We were soon joined by Alain. To make it a REAL old timers night, Charla, Roy and Mick showed up. We were then joined by one of our "new" members, S.Beth, who brought along a friend, Bill. Lots of laughs and good, greasy food.

Check out the Chapter Forum or the Yahoo group from time to time to keep updated on current events and club news.

If you see an event you want to attend, and you think it might be fun to attend said event,with fellow riders... Please post something on either Yahoo, or Delphi forums. If I see it in time, I'll cross post on the other. The forums are great ways for YOU... to get to know your fellow members, and with luck, get someone to ride along.

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