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Monday, September 30, 2013

Sigh. Sunup at 7a and sunset at 7p. Days are getting shorter than nights, making day rides shorter. Fortunately we, in NC, have good riding weather all year round. I won't have any long weekends coming up to do a fall leaf BRP ride, so I will leaf (pun) that up to someone else. Bonnie and I will be doing a three day BRP leaf run during the week at the end of the month. I have weekdays off then and rooms are cheaper and available during the week. We will shoot up to Natural Bridge and stay at the hotel. Do some loops up there and maybe shoot down the BRP to Mabry Mill before home.

We have had NO, zero, zip replies to our request for bios and pics for our member spotlight. Frank and Becky have been in the spotlight for 6 month now. While well deserved, let's get some other people up there.

Bonnie has made it easy. You can fill out the questions and add pics online. The members spotlight form is at: scrcraleigh.com/members/form/scrc_members_spotlight.php

Joel "Doc" Kann
FO GRSCRC Chapter #70
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week

Bike Nite: No bike night this week, but Bonnie and I decided to go and check out a new site for our first Friday of the month, since Weinberg's has, alas, gone under. We went to Sweet Tomatoes in Raleigh (see below). After posting our intensions we arrived at 7pm, Friday to be met by Frank, waving us in to a parking space. Becky had arrived via cage and we were shortly joined by Alain.

Good food with a salad bar with chicken or steak (at an extra fee). Soup/chili, pasta, breads, soft serve and a pumpkin spice cobbler (no peach) all free. You pay one flat fee. (about $10).

Seating was available with tables we can move together and parking adequate. Looks good for a try out for a month or so. Then we can get feedback.

If you go to the website and join "club veg" you can get savings coupons. souplantation.com/

September 23 ride (Frank and Kevin). Kevin and hung around for a while to see if there were any stragglers... there wasn't so we headed out.

Just a loopy kinda day... weather was too nice to have a destination in mind.

Up BR1, then throw in gray rock/egypt mountain... and before you can say "BOO" we were in gillsburg.. (home of the welcome to gillsburg sign ... on both sides)... decided to forego Clarksville (been there, done that) and eased over to Warrenton,and Robinson's Ferry... food was good as last time, as was service.

After eating, and solving the world problems... we headed out... but which way to go???

Another mindless loop of avoiding any place that had a name... we missed (in no particular order) Embro, Macon, Arcola, Inez, Bobbit, Essex, and Holister... shoulda stopped at Medoc mountain... just because... but we didn't... then some dull straight roads back to Centerville, and a detour around Laurel Mill.

A short pit stop in "Da Burg" and then home via River Road, and the Cameron, Pokomoke, Bruce Garner, New Light, Six Forks... (same road... just lots of different names).

Check out the Chapter Forum or the Yahoo group from time to time to keep updated on current events and club news.

If you see an event you want to attend, and you think it might be fun to attend said event,with fellow riders... please post something on either Yahoo, or Delphi forums. If I see it in time, I'll cross post on the other. The forums are great ways for YOU... to get to know your fellow members, and with luck, get someone to ride along.

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