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Monday, April 14, 2014

As most of you have heard, I have retired the No-Mutt and replaced it with a "new" bike. I rode the "new" 2010 Vulcan Voyager (new name "V-ger") back from Boone on Saturday. It took a while to get used to all the buttons and "do-dads" and the fixed fairing, but I have been all smiles.

The No-Mutt will be on the sale block soon. I have already gotten an offer.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

No bike night this week.

Chapter Rides

April 13, 2014 Clarksville Ride Arrived at the Marathon station to find Frank waiting. We were soon joined by Steve Burton, Kevin, and Tony on his police bike BMW. After the group ogled my new ride and an appropriate wait for stragglers, we took some nice roads up to Clarksville. A beautiful Willy's coupe set up for the drags sitting out front at the Lamplighter. Lunch and laughs about future plans, best bikes, etc. we took off for home, but not before Tony gave us an ear-splitting taste of his bike's emergency horn. Another great ride with good friends.

Thanks, Frank, for leading the ride.

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