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Monday, April 7, 2014

I think last week disappeared for me. Let me kvetch a bit. Just realized I did not do a weekly update last week (in spite of Bonnie's reminders). Looking at houses, supervising the renovation of my house to get it on the market (ALMOST ready), helping Bonnie with post op recuperation (going well), studying for my 10 year specialty board exam (in a week). On top of this all, I noticed a strange grind/rattle in the NoMutt coming down off of Mt. Morrow last week. Some of you may have noticed my missing gears shifting. Brought it in to TPS. Bad news is it is a major problem with the drive chain (clutch, drive gear?). They want at least $1k to get into the engine. I just had the clutch replaced last spring. I’m finally listening to the bike spirits and looking for a new ride.

I WISH Indian had a closer dealership, but the thought of a 270 mile ride every time I need maintenance or work done is a deal breaker for now.

Looking at a bike tomorrow in Boone that may be a good interim ride until I’m ready for the War Bonnet.

So I may remain an FO, in absentia, for a while longer. As always, if any member who can devote more time wishes to step up and take the FO position, feel free to let me know. I will be coming up on two years as FO and will think about whether I need to step down.

Also, anyone interested in a '99 NAD with lots of goodies that needs some work? Priced to move.

Also, welcome new member, Brett Holmes. Brett lives in Raleigh and rides a Honda 1100 Sabre. Brett can be reached at cshdoc28@aim.com.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

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April 6 Bike Blessing Ride: Again, I have not heard a report about the ride. I believe Frank and Mike H went.

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