Weekly Update

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year to you all. Hope you are keeping warm. How cold WAS it? It was SO cold, that Frank caged it to work (bda-bum).

What a shock to return from 80 degrees in the Keys to this. However, good news is, Artic vortex be gone, 70 degrees forecast for next weekend. As I keep saying, I LOVE NC.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

This last week

January 3 at Sweet Tomatoes. Bonnie and I were planning to attend, but were delayed getting back from Key West/Tampa. We fared better than those going to Chicago.
From Frank: Quiet night... with folks still in "holiday mode". New Member Del Simpson, joined Tony & Bonnie Sluder... and myself. 2 hours of "bench racing" later... I believe he is going to enjoy the chapter.

January 1, 2014 New Year's Day ride. Frank, once again, stepped up to lead.
From Frank: I arrived early figuring I'd tank up... and enjoy some coffee while I waited. I had spoken to Mike H earlier and knew he would be home dealing with water issues (house not his). Mitch arrived as I was finishing the re-fuel... Then Mike H showed up... seems Lowes wasn't going to open any time soon, so he may as well ride... Then Larry N, followed by Kevin & Doreen arrived. 6 members... 5 bikes. We eased out along BR1/BR2 and took a bio-break in Wilsonville.

There was a group of sport bikes there with the same idea we had... (break the new year in right). We exchanged small talk, and were soon joined by Tar River Chapter (in the person of Steve Burton).

The Sport bikes went their way, and aimed west along US-64.

Unremarkable ride... but we arrived on time, and did the usual greeting of old friends from across the state (and VA & SC). Bruce "Hello I must be going" Fraser arrived in time to sit down and enjoy lunch... bringing GR's count to 7 members 6 bikes.

After Lunch... we eased over to Lofton Pond for a pit stop/potty break... then onwards to Old Liberty Road.

Being a holiday... there was no traffic, and we spread out and took on the many curves. More back roads to home... everyone safe and sound, and ready to face 2014.

Sorry we missed it. We were, sadly, stuck lying on a beach, snorkeling and sipping Rum Runners.

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