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Tuesday July 15, 2014

Still in the process of moving. I hope to be able to make it to bike night on Friday, just to prove I'm still here. In the meantime, carry on (I mean that literally).

Bonnie and I have been moving in the small stuff and the bulk of the rest will be moved in on Thursday.

Still trying to figure out the weird DIY irrigation system in this place. The previous owner (deceased) was a bit of an eccentric loner, but a very nice guy. Had a woodworking shop in the garage (hence the twenty or so outlets on the wall and ceiling. He built some sort of irrigation system for the extensive garden using the downspout from the roof and, probably a cistern (yet to be discovered) with a pump connected to a drip irrigation system. No spigot in the rear of the house, but garden hose.

I had an expert come in from Eco-irrigations today. He couldn't figure out the system either. It seems the executor of the estate had them remove some pumps and connection from the system because it might not have been to code.

If any of you have experience with a system like this and want to take a look at it, I could use the advice.

Housewarming party to come, as soon as we settle in. Will schedule it so we don't conflict with the Gonyeas par-tay, although I don't think we can have too many parties.

Ride safe,

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

July 11 Mike & Marjie, Tony & Bonnie, Kevin & Doreen, Mike H, Rick, Frank.
Tales were told... wise was cracked... food was eaten... or as Tony put it "people cool, food good".

Chapter Rides

July 12 Rider's Choice, Led by Frank

"Ride Good crowd today...": Lindy, Steve, both Mikes, Chris, Kevin & Dorene, Tony, Bonnie and myself.

We gathered in the Micky D air conditioning... laughing and joking, until it was KSU. Out into the sunshine we went, and it was "good old Bike Route One" north.

Kevin & Dorene dropped off to swing by their home promising to meet us at the first stop. Kevin probably wishes he stayed there... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Forecast was for mid 80's but the weather had it's own mind, and climbed past 90... and humid. Discretion being the better part of valor, and quick radio check poll had an agreement, it would be better to ease on to Clarksville, rather than press on for the longer Ebony route.

We crossed the John Kerr Dam, and turned left towards Boydton, when the radio crackled "Kevin just broke a drive belt." Steve and Mike H stayed with Kevin getting his bike off the road. I took the remaining group to a safe parking area where everyone could wait in relative comfort.

Chris joined me in returning to assist Kevin, but he had the situation well in hand and already had AAA on the cell. Chris volunteered to remain with Kevin & Dorene while they waited for their prince in a tow truck to arrive.

We continued on to Clarksville and the Lamplighter. After lunch it was back across the lake for a fuel stop, and then on home.

Skies had turned darker... and the air smelled like rain... if you've ever ridden in the rain, you'd know the smell. Rather than dance with any storm, it was US-15 southbound for us. Roadway seemed a lot smoother than I remembered, but just as boring, then halfway between Oxford, and Creedmoor, without any warning, we hit a patch of road that had been milled and scarified for repaving... it went on for what seemed like 100 miles, but was likely maybe one.

A pit stop in Creedmoor, to say good bye, and we each headed for home. 93 miles TO Clarksville... 45 miles back to Raleigh... a backwards day to be sure.

Ending on a happy note: Kevin did not toss his old drive belt, and his bike is fully functional again.

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