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Wednesday July 9, 2014

I hope you all had a safe and fun July 4th weekend. I had to work (only 1 firework injury), but B and I did get to a Bull’s game with my daughter and son-in-law on Sunday.

As some of you have noted, I have become an absentee first officer. Between a work schedule that never seems to have me off on ride dates and bike nights, and activities to close on and move in to our new digs, I have been absent from events. I will miss the upcoming bike night and the Sunday ride. Kudos to Frank, our second officer, who has, and remains the backbone of the chapter.

The good news: we closed on the Apex house yesterday and have started to move in. We will officially move on the 17th. Even though we have moved south to the Peak, I will remain a member of chapter #70. After 10+ years of riding and friendship in this chapter, we do not want to change. We will just be a little further down I-540.

Which brings me to my weekly request. We need members to step up into a more active role. It is good to see the turnout at the last few rides and bike nights (even though I could not be there). For the chapter to thrive, we need some of you to plan and lead events and rides. It is not difficult to do, and it does not have to be an elaborate ride. I lead and get us lost ALL the time. Not all of us know the roads like Frank, but don’t let that stop you from leading. Sometimes those misteps are fun and lead us to unexpected places.

If you would LIKE to lead a ride or become a Ride Captain and have questions or need help, contact me or Frank. We will be happy to provide answers, suggestions, etc. Just step up and do it. You might find you enjoy it.

New member: By now some of you have met and welcomed our newest member Chris Glawson and his wife, Neva. Chris rides a 1013 Kawasaki Voyager. Say hi if you see them at a bike night or on a ride and welcome them. Chris' email is chris.glawson@yahoo.com.

Ride safe,

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

None this week due to the July 4th holiday.

Chapter Rides

July 5 Ride to Milton with Lake Gaston Chapter Report from Frank: I rolled up to HH around 9, filled the tank as Lindy rolled up. She filled her tank and we went inside for a pre-ride snack... New member Chris and his wife Neva rolled up next followed by Steve and Allison. Before we were ready to leave Tony made it 7 riders on 5 bikes. Tony, being Tony... held center stage with his entertaining stories. Once it was clear there were no stragglers, we had a brief safety talk, and away we went.

Nice looping ride north and west... some of you might recall a few of the turns. I switched up on a few standards and added a few wrinkles, and before anyone knew it, we turned onto NC-57 at Hyco.

We parked at Aunt Millie's and I spotted Steve's Ultra across the street in the Post Office lot. Steve was sitting on the porch waiting for the hordes of bikers... so he had to settle for us.

With Steve's appearance it became an official multi-chapter event, with JCC#222, TR#493, and GR#70 represented.

We hung out for a spell waiting on the "hosting chapter"... then went inside for lunch. Usual pizza buffet, but we didn't go there for the food, we went for the ride and fellowship.

During lunch, Steve reported that US-158 in Granville County was tar snake covered, and we discussed various routes back. Given we were in Milton... and Blagett Sisters Parkway was near... we threw the dice towards Yanceyville.

Last year, I reported on the bad conditions on both NC-62 to Yanceyville, and BSP. Well... last winter was not kind to either, and both will be off MY list for a good while.

I led the group through more back country roads... avoiding as much of the population as I could and we all split off as we approached our homes.

The "Golden Turd" rolled past the 113,xxx mark besides that... just another pleasant day out on a motorcycle.

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