Weekly Update

Tuesday June 24, 2014

Another week in which I have been out of the loop of the group. Working dealing with Bonnie’s tryst with a tick and Erlichia. Hope you all had fun. The ride to Deadwood looked good.

We will close on our house on July 8th and hope to be Peak-ans by the 18th or sooner.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

6/20 Stromboli Express – I was at home helping Bonnie recuperate. I have not gotten a report, but heard there was a good turnout with some lively ride discussion. If you have never been to a bike night, come out. It is the best way to get to meet members and introduce yourself and have fun and laughs. Don’t be shy.

Chapter Rides

6/22 Deadwood Down East ride. From Frank - thanks to several rider's "smart phones" it was decided we would head for Deadwood after all.

7 bikes, 9 riders...200 miles of mostly successful rain dodging... We looped south to avoid Wilson, then jogged north to avoid Greenville. We did catch a few sprinkles, but they were short. We did find the ditches outside Williamston were quite full, so there must have been a gully washer just before we arrived.

Good food, except there were out of Jalapenos... How the heck does a place run out of Jalapenos? Oh well we suffered through.

Good food and good friends... Roads? meh... It WAS downeast after all.

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