Weekly Update

Wednesday June 4, 2014

No update for a few weeks. Busy buying a house and having fun in Little Switzerland. Life is good.

For those of you who couldn’t make our trip, read about it below. It was a rollicking good time.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

No bike night this last week

Chapter Rides

5/29 – 6/1 Little Switzerland ride weekend

Day 1 - Bonnie and I joined Frank, Becky, Kevin, Dorene, Steve, Renee, and Mike D. for a 10am meet up in Wilsonville. A pleasant ride out 64 and through Lexington where we stopped for BBQ then up 321 to Boone and on to the BRP. We hit torrential rain for a few miles around Grandfather Mt making it an official bike adventure. We arrive at the Skyline Village Inn, where we are greeted by Mike and Lynn Thrift, the Inn's owners. We check into our rooms and enjoy some liquid refreshment, followed by some cookout dinner and Captain Morgan marinated pecan pie ala mode provided by Mike and Lynn.

Day 2 - Murder Mountain Loop - We all take off after a good breakfast at the Inn. A short ride down the BRP to 80 north, then up through miles of technical twisty road. Then we head up through Bakersville and take an unexpected detour around Bonnie and Clydes and up into Roan TN, where we lunch on more q (natch) at the Highlander. After lunch up and over Roan Mt where we ride the twisties in the high country and enjoy the brief glimpses of mountain views. Then down through more nice roads back to the Inn and dinner at the Mountaintop Restaurant with the "million dollar view" which is a short walk from the Inn. Later more laughs and liquids on the Inn's balcony enjoying watching storms and clouds dance around the mountain view.

Day 3 – Free day. Early morning fog delays departure until mid-morning. After breakfast with the group, we all head off in different dirrections. Bonnie and I head up to Linville Falls where we hike up to Erwin's view for the airborne look at the falls. Bonnie climbs the 2 miles like a trooper only a few months after her knee replacement. Steve and Renee visit the falls later in the day, while Bonnie and I have lunch at Famous Louise’s Rock House Restaurant in Linville. It was built in 1936 on the junction of three counties. You can cross from Avery to McDowell to Burke county by walking across the restaurant. Later we have beers, cocktails and steaks back at the Inn and learn Frank and Becky went Rock hunting and shopping, Kevin and Dorene tooled around local roads and Mike D. repeatedly challenged and beat the infamous Diamondback loop, which runs right past the Inn.

Day 4 - We get up and have breakfast and say good-byes to Mike and Lynne and each other as we all choose to leave for home by different routes and times. Mike D. joins B and me for a nice, fast ride home via 40 to 64. We encounter a little wet from the clouds as we leave but are in the sun by the time we get to Morganton. At a stop in Marion to gas up and don some rain gear, we meet some bikers coming back from the Boone Rally. We learn that hundreds of bikes attended and the sad news of a rider who died of a heart attack the morning after he and his reunited love were married at the rally. Life is short, live it.

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