Weekly Update

Monday June 9, 2014

Not much new this week. Bonnie and I are tied up with selling/buying a house. Hopefully, in a month, we will be citizens (denizens) of The Peak.

SO, what have YOU been doing? And why have we not seen you on a bike night or a ride? We ride several days a month. Short rides/long rides. Two bike nights a month. So far, same great cadre of riders, but YOU weren't there. If you have signed up/joined and have NOT joined in, what are you waiting for? Ask yourself, why did I join SCRC?

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

6/6 Village Deli – Bonnie and I joined Frank and were soon met by Alain, Kevin and Dorene for a typical bike night of laughs and stories. Why weren't YOU there? You missed another good time. Now you'll never know about "liver rounds".

Chapter Rides

No official rides this last week. Bonnie and I went down to Angier on Saturday to check out the Bike Fest. We met up with Libby and Billy from Jordan Lake and Lindy from Johnston County.

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