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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mid May !! WOW !! Put on the brakes, calendar.

Congratulations to Autumn McCord, daughter of former FO Bobby and Tanya McCord, who just graduated from UNCC as a teacher... Summa Cum Laude!!! at that...

You will all be happy to know (esp. Kevin) that I just got my Fuzeblock. (fuzeblocks.com). This is a handy little device that wires to the battery, creating several separate circuits that can be independently fused. It is water resistant. The cover has slots to label each circuit. No more "where did I wire that light in?" No more spaghetti wiring as I add separate projects, like heated gear hook-up. Cool device for long distance riders who like to wire in a lot of stuff (CB,heated gear, extra lights, cigarette lighters,GPS, etc). It can be stashed anywhere on the bike. Check it out.

Plans continue for our Little Switzerland trip. I just put in routes for the Murder Mountain Loop (named for the town of Kona, NC where the first hanging of a woman in NC occurred), and the Diamondback (a nice heart in the throat 40 mile zip up and down the mountain). We have lots of choices of long and short routes with lots of places to stop and gawk or hike or eat (like Bonnie and Clyde's Drive In in Loafer's Glory or an English pub serving Shepherd's Pie in Boone). We also may be hooking up with Coach and the Blue Ridge Chapter for some riding.

If you still want to join us and don't have a room, call the Skyline Village Inn and talk to the owners, Mike or Lynne Thrift and see if they have a cancellation.

And last a plug for J&M Audio Corp. who once again showed me excellent service. While hooking up the audio on the new "V-ger", I discovered the left speaker out on my headset. I couldn't tell where the problem was, but localized it to somewhere between the connecting cord and before the speaker. Called J&M and they said just send it in. They received the set Friday and have it fixed and in the mail back to me today. Great service.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

No bike night this week

Chapter Rides

5/10 Frank’s ride to Clarksville I did not get a ride report. I hope everyone had fun. I was working.

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