Weekly Update

Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Cinqo de Mayo !! I hope you’re enjoying a margarita as you read this.

Riding season, for those who do not ride all year around, has commenced. If you have not done so, and you have not ridden since last Fall, it is time to check out your ride and dust off your skills. Things on your bike and your abilities may have gotten a little rusty.

Check out this article: www.bikebandit.com/community/archives/tips-and-how-tos/preparing-your-motorcycle-after-winter-storage

Lots of rides coming up. See schedule below. This would be a good year for YOU to plan or lead a ride. Simply plan it and contact me, Frank or Kevin. We will post it and give you any help you might need.

Future updates will be going out as bcc copies to keep email addresses confidential.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

5/2 Village Deli I pulled up to find Frank, Mike H, Tony, Bonnie, Rick, Mike D., and Alain. Good food and lots of laughs. Come out and join us for the next one.

Chapter Rides

Saturday 5/3 Gerbing/Indian ride: LUSH... that word came to mind over and over... each turn, ever rise, opened up to lush green scenery.

After all the recent rain, the woods are alive with new growth. Sure there is still some brown wither stubble mixed in, but today, the word was LUSH.

Becky and I arrived at HH, to be greeted by Mitch, Mike H, Steve, David, Joel, Tony, Kevin, and Mike D.

The usual laughter and comment making... those who had not yet seen Joel's bike made all the right noise.

Soon it was time to hit the road, and the group saddled up. Being in no rush, we eased north west through as much farmland and back roads as possible. A very short hour later, we took a short break in Pleasant Hill. Then on we rode along US-158 to Eden... where something was going on, and we saw a road closure by the local police... a quick U-turn, and we continued along the way.

'nother hour, and we rolled in the Gerbings parking lot.

If you've been to one open house... you have been to them all... I expected a short walk-around, quick look- see at the factory and we would be on our way.

Steve spied a rack with GERBINGS Heated Gloves on... and I spied the $30 price sign. YUP... I confirmed that was indeed the price, and the 10 of us went on a shopping frenzy. Even those of us who have heated gear got into the act... Becky and I purchased what should have been $965.99 (plus tax) worth of gear, for $150. Mike H, Kevin, and Joel each purchased gear for their beloved...

I had figured MAYBE a half hour there... but we stayed almost 2.

A quick run down US-220 and we made it to Greensboro. The road the Indian Dealership is on, has some street fair happening, so we needed a detour... the detour took us right to a section of downtown GBO that was rocking, and offered a large selection of eateries.

We sat down at HAMMS and had lunch, while talking about bikes, trips, and such.

After Lunch, it was 2 blocks east, and 2 blocks north to the Greensboro Indian Motorcycle dealership.

A few of us bought T-shirts... Becky walked over to her dream bike... a RED Vintage... and planted herself on it... proclaiming "this is the ONE... this is SOOOOO the one"

We decided that we'd just hit the slab and head for home... 200 miles... 8 hours... 10 friends... good food... great bargains... you can't beat THAT math!

There will be another open house this fall at Gerbings... I will post the data.

Indian will have an open house in the near future... and they may have the demo truck as well... this will also be posted.

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