Wednesday November 12, 2014

Finally got the leads hooked up for my heated gear. Just in time for the polar vortex. (That's the train Santa rides, isn't it?). Of course I couldn't do it the easy way. Couldn't get the seat off to get to the electricals. Key release wouldn't work. This was a problem the previous two owner's had, probably related to the Mustang seat. Anyway, key wouldn't turn in the seat release lock. I DID manage to warp one of my two keys so it would no longer work in the ignition. Tried all the tricks (wd40, heat, cursing). No go. Finally gave up and brought it to TPS. They were able to remove the seat with the proper Kawasaki curses in Japanese. The locking mechanism was shot. They did, however, manage to bend my remaining key in the process.

New lock on order and I was able to straighten the keys and use some 0000 steel wool and get them working in the ignition. Wired in the Fuzeblock to hook up my horn, CB, Gerbing pigtail and, with the aid of longer screws, hook up the trickle charger to the battery.

Now I can ride with toasty heated gloves and jacket. Bring it, Polar vortex!!

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

November 7, I had to work. Mike Hodges was met by Kevin and Doreen quickly followed by Rick at Village Deli last night, where good food and interesting conversation broke out.

Chapter Rides

November 8, 2014 TPS 2nd anniversary. (From Chris) Neva and I went to Raleigh today after it warmed up a bit to eat at Hooters. I just wanted to watch a game, seriously (wink wink). Then we went over to powersports but nothing going on so we headed back home. Little chilly but still a nice little ride.

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