Monday October 13, 2014

*** Saturday 10/18 4p – 8p or ? Fall Party/ House Warming/ 3 yr anniversary

Come to our new house and celebrate Fall and the 3 rd anniversary of Bonnie and me meeting in Albuquerque to begin our new lives together. We will provide BBQ, fixins', and other food. BYOB. Tour the house and garden. Get lost in the massive 0.2 acres. Maybe burn a log or two in the fire pit after sundown. No gifts, just bring yourself, so we can introduce our neighbors to SCRC. Ride or cage it, just be there.

We have some accommodations for any who want to stay over, rather than driving/riding home.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

No bike night this week

Chapter Rides

10/25/2014 Indian Demo day ride: From Frank. Another multi-chapter ride... Steve (Tar River), Lindy (Jo-Co) joined Joel & Bonnie, Kevin, Tony, Bonnie, Del, and myself, for a pleasant day's ride.

Usual back roads to GSO, then on to Indian of Greensboro. We went into the dealership, and signed up for our perspective rides, and then stood around the dealership drooling over the "eye candy".

Alas while we were distracted, there was more than a few "line jumpers" in the parking lot. Theory being one signs up... does the ride, and then sign up for another, and wait for a seat. Seems more than a few would ride one bike, then ride another, then ride another... which fouled things up for those who were actually following instructions.

So much for the "brotherhood" of fellow riders.

Still it was a good day, we logged a few miles, and the day warmed nicely. Hit the slab for the return trip... 90 miles OUT... 66 miles back.

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