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Monday September 22, 2014

Whirlwind trip to Toms River, Joisey and up to Brooklyn. Visit to my daughter and son-in-law and revisit to our old stomping grounds in Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst (home of Fiebre Sabado Noche). Some anxiety over Mini not running right (it seems you have to occasionally add oil), followed by a week of respiratory crud. Back in the real world again.

Happy Autumnal equinox and welcome to Fall. (I'M not ready for it). This is a good time to start checking your bike and gear for cold weather. It will be a while in NC before frost, but it WILL come. Check fluids and electricals and tire tread (I just ordered new Metzler’s for V-GER) and brake pads. Soon leaves will be falling, and good brakes and tread are important. Also check your cold weather gear and electrical connections for heated gear. Lights will be important too as you may be doing more after/before daylight riding.

Fall party announcement below. Hope to see you there.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

I did not get a report on the 9/19 bike night. I was working. Hope all had a good time.

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