Monday September 29, 2014

What a difference new tires can make. Since I got my Voyager, I have been fighting with the front end. Bad vibrations in turns. Feeling unstable at low speed. Feeling like the bike wanted to fall over when turning hard from a dead stop. Some of you saw my left turn debacle in Little Switzerland where I got “stuck” for a while trying to make a hard left on an uphill 2 lane road.

I assumed (ass-u-me) that this was just the 900+ lb bike and a heavy fairing.

I saw on the Delphi Vulcan site where someone else had a similar problem. He recently changed to Metzler ME 888 Marathons Ultras and the problem disappeared.

When my tread started to thin at 13500 miles I replaced my Bridgestones with the ME888 and... WOW !! Immediate improvement. VGER now handles like my Nomad. Nimble in turns with no further battle with the handlebars and tight turns, 2 up, are a breeze.

Tires DO make a difference

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

No bike night this week

Capital City Bike Night

Bonnie and I went down on Saturday night. Frank apparently earlier in the day. Same experience. We made our promenade up and down the streets. Lots of bikes and lots of noise. I made the throttle twisting gesture a went “vroom-vroom” but no one got the reference. Some food wagons and group tents. Indian, sadly, was not there. We stayed for the drawing for the Ninja 300 from TPS. There were only about 20 of us in the crowd who had filled out entries and showed up at 8pm. They called out a series of names for the winners of the seven keys, one of which might start the bike. After about 20 names, they got the 7. Sadly, none were me. I would have ridden it on the Dragon once, then sold it for a down payment on the Indian.

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