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Wednesday, July 31, 2015

From Joel:

The end of the month is upon us. On May 26th I announced to the group that, after three years, I would be stepping down as first officer of Greater Raleigh Chapter #70 and asked for a volunteer to take over the position. I notified Marilyn "Cricket" Whipple of my intent on July 6th. So far I have heard no interest from the members in assuming the position, except from a very new member, who has not yet had experience with SCRC.

Since I have not heard from any member, or back from our state officer, according to my understanding of the constitution and by-laws of SCRC, our second officer, Frank Pennucci, will assume (once again) the position as first officer pro-tem until such time as 1) he is accepted as first officer, 2) another member volunteers and is accepted as first officer, 3) the state officer assumes FO function or 4) the chapter dissolves.

Currently we have 45 active members, 12 of whom I have ridden with occasionally in the last year or so and about 6 who I ride with on a regular basis. I am not counting a few regulars from other chapters.

It has been an honor to serve as your first officer, but it is time to step down. I want to thank you for you support over the last three years and especially thank Frank Pennucci, our second officer, who has served several times as first officer, second officer, and road captain. Without Franks help and leadership, I could not have done this for the three years. It has, and I hope will continue to be, a pleasure to ride with you all.

I am not resigning from SCRC or chapter #70 and intend, whatever the future holds for our chapter, to continue to ride with you all.

I hope to see some of you on a future bike night or chapter ride.

From Frank:

Just so everyone understands:

1) I will not be returning to 2-3 rides per weekend. I may lead 2 rides a month, but not much more.

2) there are 51 "members" in this chapter 19 of whom I have never met, 2 who live out of the area, and 18 members I have not ridden with for over a year.

I do not desire the "title/honor" of "first officer" as an end to itself. There are dozens of people who cherish titles, I am not one.

I worked long hours making chapter 70 an active vibrant chapter. Since I stepped down in 2010, members aged, and their focus changed.

This is YOUR chapter, per the SCRC constitution: If no replacement First Officer is found, the Chapter will be closed and the remaining Membership moved to the closest Chapter. Any Member of the Chapter may contact the State Officer or National Vice President as a request to assume the role as the New First Officer. The Regional Officer, State Officer and the National Vice President will issue all decisions on these requests.

Members will be assigned to the nearest chapter to their home, that means Five Points will get the bulk of you, with Tar River getting those north and east of Raleigh. A few may wind up in the Jordan Lake chapter. You may, of course opt for any chapter you wish.

Bike nights will be reduced to one SINGLE event each month: Village Deli on South Main Street, in Wake Forest on the third Friday. If there is demand, we may add other bike nights.

Questions? Complaints? Volunteers?

I will resign as "Second Officer" on Wednesday 30 September 2015.

Thank you

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