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Monday, June 15, 2015

Bonnie and I are settling in after returning from our 2 week spin through the Northeast. Fortunately we missed any rain, except a day while in NY and off the bike and had cool weather most of the way.

Rode a lot of great rodes and went some interesting places. Rode the James River Ferry, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, the Cape May Ferry, the Verrazano Bridge, and end to end on Skyline Drive.

A couple of thing we discovered living 2 people out of a tour pack and tank bag for 2 weeks.
1) Tour Master Solution WP 2.0 Road Leather Street Motorcycle Boots were better than my Cruiser works boots for both riding and walking. Comfortable enough to wear 8 hours a day and hike around Petersburg Battlefield as well as comfortable and waterproof on the bike.
2) pack light and versatile. We picked up some lightweight traveling pants and t-shirts at REI that dry quickly and wear well and pack very small. Lighter and cooler than denim and can be washed in a sink and dried overnight. We got a couple of pairs of Columbia pants with zip off legs that double for shorts and a pair of Toadz, that stayed wrinkle free and comfortable after packing tight in a roll and worn for several days.
3) 1 or 2 pair of Drymax motorcycle socks will last all week.
4) find a washing machine in a motel or, better yet a laundry, where you can drop off at night and pick up next AM. Lightweight pants and t-shirts can be washed in a motel sink and final dried with a hair dryer in the AM.
5) if you are over 62, get a National Parks pass. It costs $10 once and will get you in to many places for free. We rode the drive for free and have used it at Jamestown and Appomatox.

Sadly, we have had to cancel the 6/27/2015 party. If you have RSVP'd I have sent you a separate email.

And, finally, a reminder that I will be resigning as FO by the end of July. We MUST have a member step up and take the job (not so difficult) or the chapter will eventually close. I think the chapters function best with not only an active FO and SO but active ride captains and tail gunners. Frank has held the position of both SO and tailgunner for the last 3 years as well as FO for several years previous to this. We need other members to step up now or we do not have a chapter.

Either way, as I said three years ago, I see many of us regular riders continuing to ride together, but if no one steps up, we would not do so as SCRC.

Call me if you are interested in FO or Ride Captain.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Night

6/5/2015 Village Deli: Mike & Cindy Hodges, Alain, and Frank held bike night at Village Deli, while Bonnie and I were touring the northeast. Cindy held center stage with her tales.

Chapter Rides

6/12/2015 Gerbing Sale: Frank led Steve and me through the usual back roads to Gerbings in Greensboro. Not the same knockout sale as last time, but still pretty good. I scored a couple of heated jacket liners for a c note apiece. Lunch at Yesterday’s Grill, then home. Thanks for another great ride, Frank.

6/13/2015 Angier Bike Fest (from Frank): Saturday, Steve, his friend Danny, Alain, Mike and I eased over to Angier for the annual bake in the sun, err... Bike Fest. Really not much to see... there were some interesting bikes in the "bike show" and still more in the parking lots... One hour and we saw all there was to see... and we rolled on.

Danny went on to "Rabbits" while Alain went back home, leaving Steve, Mike and I to our own devises. Aviator Smokehouse was nearby, so we headed there... a great lunch and lots of BS (biker stuff).

Then home we rolled to our "honey-do" lists.

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